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We have experts in housing & property, family, wills & probate, employment and litigation. We also have specialists in commercial law and offer a range of legal services for businesses. With over 150 staff in 6 locations throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, you can rest assured that we have the resources and expertise to provide a full range of legal services for you or your business.

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EternalLee Added 3 days ago Report to admin
February 13, 2019 20190213203034

Most incompetent solicitors ever.


I was shoe-horned into using this shambolic solicitor for a new house move, and it was the single worst experience I've ever had from this process. From Ahrika's complete inability to return calls, messages or emails, to their numerous occasions of losing documents and expecting us to resend them, to their inability to understand how to print documents, or the occasions of completely inaccurate advice. And now, 2 months after moving, we find out they haven't completed the necessary land registry paperwork.

Utter, utter shambles. Under no circumstances would I ever wish their service on my worst enemy.

Don't ever, EVER consider them for anything house-move related. The absolute worst people. I will be escalating my complaints.

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Christopher Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 07, 2019 20190207230033



Thank you to Sam Ingram and team (Louise & Emma) who worked so hard on our move. It was an amazing effort on their part to turn things around in such a tight timeframe to enable us to move in on time. We really can’t thank them enough. Answered every call, responded quickly to every email and were just there for us no problem. Top team and will definitely use them again.

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Verified Clive Added 3 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
November 03, 2018 20181103172303

Conveyancing on 2 occasions


Handled purchase of 2 separate properties very well. Information was kept up to date and accurate

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Carol Added 3 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
November 03, 2018 20181103145000

Awful house sale experience


I was on the selling side of a house sale where my buyer used Davisons. The service was absolutely appalling. They kept loosing copies of documents my solicitors shared with them and after agreeing date to exchange both points of contact were then not in the office that day! Delayed my property sale significantly. If it wasn't for my solicitors and estate agents chasing daily I don't think it would have completed.

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Anonymous Added 3 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
November 02, 2018 20181102173129

Absolutely appalling service. Avoid at all costs!


We chose Davisons to represent us during the process of buying our first flat. The firm was introduced to us by our Mortgage Advisor, who had not worked with them before but had them available in his system, but has now, given the experience, eliminated them from it.
The quality of their work was poor from day one: inaccuracies in the documentation (including substantial errors with my name) documents not sent on time and keeping us in the dark for weeks, not even acknowledging our emails.
When issues were escalated to senior members of staff, they were all by dismissed and we didn't even receive an apology.
Once the purchase was completed, after lots of backs and forths, we never received our documentation (deeds, etc.) which they affirmed were sent shortly after.
Upon receiving a letter from them enclosing one last document months after, I realised that they had, once again, not used my surname in the documentation, so I emailed them to solve it. Waited two more months with no response until I decided to escalate the issue again, an things became even more of a circus.
Sue McCusker, on behalf of Mr Gary Davison himself, sent a further email once again denying any fault, arguing that having the wrong name on the paperwork was no issue and, when I contested, their response was childish enough to say something along the lines that I should not complain about inaccuracies since my emails to them also contained several typos (yes, I normally type them from my phonebon a train, like this review): a very unprofessional response and also ridiculous since my emails are not official documents!
If that wasn't enough, I was also told that the held no copies of my documents as they were sent but, if I wanted to retrieve them, I could pay a fee and they would get them dor me.
All in all, I give tem 1 star because I cannot give 0, and I would be inclined consider the several 5 star reviews above as, more than likely, fakes to raise their profile.
Once again, avoid this firm at all costs!

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QualitySolicitors Davisons responded to this review on 06 November, 2018

I find this review unfair and inaccurate. Part of the complainant’s Spanish name was omitted from a document sent out after formal completion. An apology has been given on several occasions for this, but it had no effect on the status or legality of the purchase. There were no registered complaints during the course of the transaction. The complainant insisted the person dealing with the file was incompetent because of this one error, which was not accepted by the firm. The title to the property is registered accurately in the complainant’s full name and copies of documents have been sent to the complainant without charge. None of our existing reviews are from anyone other than clients. We take all complaints seriously but for reasons I cannot fathom it appears that whatever we say or do is unacceptable in this instance.

Verified George Added 3 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
November 01, 2018 20181101130847

Never to recommend


If I could,I would take all the stars.they just copy paste everything and we had some changes that they should announce us,not the owner.-7stars feedback

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Jas Added 3 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
October 29, 2018 20181029143732

Terrible service


Absolutely awful service from Quality Davison's Solicitors and in particular Mariam Begum. Having been recommended by my estate agent to speed up a sale of property process I was terribly disappointed and frustrated with the slow, unprofessional, inefficient service they provided. One of the biggest issues is the frustration of never being able to get a hold of them and having to send repeated emails chasing for information. Absolutely no remorse for lack of service, care and due diligence for their clients.

Would never use this service in a million years.

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Andrew Added 4 months ago Report to admin
October 06, 2018 20181006070539

Overall a good service for house purchase


Staff very helpful and responded to all enquiries quickly. They were easy to communicate with over the phone. Only negative was the the final statement of the account only became available to us the day before the completion due date. I would have liked to know the final amount we had to pay a few days earlier to prepare the funds for transfer sooner.

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Tracy Added 4 months ago Report to admin
October 06, 2018 20181006053728

Easy sale and purchase


QualitySolicitors Davisons dealt with our recent sale and purchase. They were very efficient throughout the whole process and dealt with things quickly to prevent hold ups, even chasing other solicitors involved throughout the chain to get things moving along. Although we were in a chain we still managed to complete in just a few months. I don’t think this would have happened so quickly without Davisons. I’d definitely recommend this firm and this is the second time I’ve used them.

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Verified Graham Added 4 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
October 04, 2018 20181004161323

Poor response to standard enquiries


We employed Sam Ingram at Davison’s solicitors on the recommendation of a local estate agent. Subsequently friends of ours who had also used Davison’s for their house move advised us that they had experienced similar problems to ours. In essence, this included:
- slow and inadequate responses to general enquiries; no proactivity with regard to our case - we always had to ‘chase’ matters
- inability to follow up on specific requests (such as responsibilities regarding a shared private access to our new property)
- not providing a set of accounts for the sale / purchase of property until the day before completion (this had to be requested). On the evening before completion these figures were provided - but were incorrect to the sum of £20k)
- two additional errors on the accounts needed correction on the day of completion. This included a sum of £294 which were forced to query. These errors appear to have delayed completion until 4.30pm on the day of our move - this was a major problem for our removers, who were moving us from Birmingham to Lancaster
- brief responses, to the point of rudeness, on standard enquiries (‘I’ll deal with this after I’ve taken my kids to school at 9.30”; “I’ve already told your wife..”, “ I’ve done this before you know”, “I’ve told you that...”, etc)
- when Mrs Ingram was on holiday we were told that another solicitor would advance our work; on closer enquiry (on two occasions) we were told that we were talking to a secretary
- general impression that any ‘out of the ordinary’ request was not a legitimate concern to be pursued (for example, rights and responsibilities regarding a shared stream that formed a boundary to our land; whether a septic tank remained at the property; sending covenants with no explanation of legal language; etc).
- we had to proceed matters without her aid ( this resulted in us avoiding a £2.8k bill for essential drain maintenance before completion, something Davison’s appeared unwilling or unable to deal with).

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Solicitors who work at QualitySolicitors Davisons

  • Ahrika Ghalib

  • Mariam Begum

  • Mike Goodwin

  • Navdep Rayat

  • Gary Davison

    I am the Managing Director of QualitySolicitors Davisons having founded the firm in 1985 (though now I prefer not to think how long ago it was if I can avoid it). I started with just myself and a secretary - who in fact still works for me having returned to the fold recently - and we now have six offices in different locations in and around Birmingham. Much of my time is now spent trying to manage the empire! I consider myself to be a benevolent dictator, though my colleagues may use more colourful language to describe me. When I am not managing the practice I undertake commercial property work. On establishing the firm I did almost everything that came through the door, so I also have experience in the fields of personal injury, matrimonial law, criminal law and wills & probate; all of which I believe has helped me develop the firm to its current level.

  • Lisa Banks

    I qualified as a solicitor in August 2009 and have more than 6 years post-qualification experience and 7 years pre-qualification experience. Between completing my Law Degree in 2002 and final qualification in 2009, I undertook all post-graduate qualifications in my own time whilst working full time as a paralegal / trainee solicitor at a city centre niche firm. I have experience in various legal areas but my specialist area has always been residential conveyancing. I chose to specialise in conveyancing as I am particularly interested in property and I enjoy being able to minimise the stress and upheaval for my clients during what is inevitably a stressful time. I generally have very good relationships with clients, colleagues, other solicitors /conveyancers, estate agents and financial advisers and I find that does have a tangible effect in making transactions run more smoothly. I am proactive, approachable and organised and offer an extremely high-level, friendly, professional and personal service.

  • Julie Robinson

    I work as a Commercial Property Solicitor in our Edgbaston office and undertake some residential property work where needed. I qualified as a solicitor in 2006. Prior to this, I was a Legal Executive for five years and a paralegal prior to that. I studied for my professional qualifications part-time in the evenings whilst working full-time in private practice. By the time I qualified I already had over 10 years’ conveyancing experience under my belt. I have a broad range of commercial and residential conveyancing experience and have the benefit of working in both large and smaller sized firms. My varied experience includes dealing with residential and commercial sales, purchases, leases, licences, transfers of equity, lease extensions, and financing/re-financing transactions (including project-managing a large scale transaction at my previous firm).

  • Daniel Stones

  • Hollie Downes

  • Ranjit Shergill

    I am a solicitor based in our Colmore Row office, and specialise in providing legal advice for individuals and businesses involved in civil and commercial disputes. I have conducted cases in the County Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal in a variety of contentious disputes. My approach to my work has allowed me to build a good rapport with clients and I strive to deliver a service that is approachable, clear and one that facilitates a legal solution to the dispute. I offer a pragmatic and commercial approach in order to best achieve our clients' objectives, including settlement by way of alternative dispute resolution. Some of the contentious areas I provide advice in include contracts, professional negligence, interest swap claims and redress exercises, commercial property disputes, property fraud, trespass, partnership disputes, trade mark, neighbour disputes, injunctions debt and enforcement.

  • Sam Kent

    I have over 25 years’ experience in family law, dealing with divorce, matrimonial financial matters, Children Act matters, injunctions and unmarried couple property disputes.

  • Darryl Wilkes

    I am a Director of QualitySolicitors Davisons, based at our Solihull Office. I've extensive experience in residential conveyancing and am well regarded by clients, estate agents and financial advisors alike. My specialist teams at Solihull, Four Oaks and Edgbaston have been developed so that our clients feel confident and comfortable, and we are focused on achieving their desired results. From initial call through to completion, we strive to provide clients with the very best personalised service.

  • Jane Chandler

    I advise clients in relation to divorce and the financial consequences arising from relationship breakdown. I am able to provide advice on property rights and prepare separation agreements for unmarried couples upon separation. When children are involved I advise on various issues such as where the children will live and the time they spend with each parent. I also advise clients on the benefits of pre or post-nuptial agreements and for those living together, co-habitation agreements. When family businesses are involved I am able to refer to other professionals such as accountants and where appropriate pension actuaries. As an accredited member of Resolution I am committed to dealing with matters in a constructive way and provide tailored advice to each of my clients dealing with matters in a practical and pragmatic way seeking early resolution wherever possible. Having been through my own divorce, I am able to empathise with my clients and understand the difficulties they are facing and concerns they have.

  • Natalie Sheerin

    I have worked for QualitySolicitors Davisons as a Conveyancing Executive for the past two years at our Solihull office and prior to this worked with other established firms within the area. I specialise in Residential Conveyancing matters, including: •Freehold and Leasehold Residential Sales and Purchases •Transfer of Equity •Re-mortgages •Re-possession Purchases •Declaration of Trust •Help to Buy Schemes •New Build Properties I have a friendly and professional attitude and continually strive to build and maintain good relationships with my clients.

  • Kerry Morgan

    I am Head of Conveyancing at Solihull and bring a dynamic approach to the team. I have over 20 years' experience and I pride myself on being approachable and easy-going. My team and I are constantly striving to ensure that our clients’ experience is a positive one and acknowledge that selling or buying a property can be a very stressful time. Having worked within the local area for many years I have long standing links with many other professionals and am both well known and respected within the legal profession. Always looking to the future, I am determined to expand the department whilst always ensuring the needs of our clients are put first. I am able to advise on a wide range of personal property-related legal issues including: •Freehold and Leasehold Residential Sales and Purchases •Purchase of Freehold Interest •Lease Extensions •Transfer of Equity •Re-mortgages •Re-possession Purchases •Declaration of Trust •Half Share Ownerships •Right to Buy Schemes •New Builds/Off Plan I use my experience to advise clients on matters that may prove costly for them before they become a problem. I enjoy giving my all into helping people complete their property transactions with as little stress as possible and try my best to achieve their anticipated time scales for completion.

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We put our clients at the heart of everything we do, and our experts pride themselves on being able to simplify the legal issue no matter how straightforward or complex. Our aim is to offer clear, practical legal advice in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. We have experts in housing & property, family, wills & probate, employment and litigation. We also have specialists in commercial law and offer a range of legal services for businesses. With over 150 staff in 6 locations throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands, you can rest assured that we have the resources and expertise to provide a full range of legal services for you or your business.

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  • Litigation - Insurance disputes
  • Cohabitation agreements and disputes
  • Tenancy Breaches, Injunctions and Forfeiture Claims
  • Mental Health
  • Option agreements and conditional contracts
  • Employee Team Moves
  • Child contact
  • Litigation - Property litigation claims
  • Holiday Pay Issues
  • Extending your Lease
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Consumer Rights
  • Collaborative Law
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  • Settlement Agreements
  • Right of Way and Rights to Light
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  • Child Arrangements Following Divorce
  • Investment and buy to let properties
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  • Transfers of equity
  • Service Charge Disputes
  • Separation
  • Exclusivity and lock-out agreements
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Gardening Leave
  • Trusts
  • Children
  • Trusts
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  • Possession and repossession proceedings
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  • Unfair Dismissal Claims
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  • Housing Associations
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements
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  • Asset protection and tax mitigation
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  • Transfers of parts of land
  • Disciplinary Hearings
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  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Children Act proceedings
  • Property Holding Structures
  • Benefits Available To Asbestos Victims
  • Purchase and Sale
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  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Agency Staff / Temp Workers
  • Unpaid Rent, Service or Ground Charges
  • Out Of Court Divorce
  • Wills
  • Family law
  • Property Disputes
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Competition law
  • Summary Judgment
  • Management buyouts
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  • Agency agreements
  • Mis-sold Interest Rate Swap Agreements
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