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8 Customer Reviews


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Scott Added 1 month ago Report to admin
August 15, 2019 20190815135208

Avoid this company!


Accounting and invoicing function is a shambles!
Payments made to specific work. Those funds were allocated elsewhere
That's prevented work that I’ve given instructions to have done being done.
This has now prejudiced my current matters.
I paid my invoices upfront but when my solicitor left I then started getting random invoices through.
Jarmans are now using a tactic of holding files hostage and prejudicing cases instead of releasing them when there is a dispute on invoices.

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Michelle Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 21, 2019 20190721193828

Family advice


I received excellent free advice over the telephone from Gordon, he didn't have to give me his time but was happy to support me through a tough time with professional advice and support, what a lovely friendly man. Michelle M

Solicitor being reviewed: Gordon Allan Johnson

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Anonymous Added 2 months ago Report to admin
July 12, 2019 20190712131734

Family dispute


I live in Spain but contacted Jeni Niven over 18 months ago about my fathers bank account that had been drained before he died in 2016. I saw Mr. Hasato in early 2018 and he said they would look at my case once I had paperwork back from the police Fraud Action unit. This took ages and I made an appointment at short notice as I was coming to England for bank holiday weekend in May 2019. I saw Emma Lee who was very helpfull explained fully what it was likely to cost to take my family member to court. As this was anything from £500-£5000. Decided I did not have that sort of money so decided to drop the matter. But found Jarmans really helpfull honest and as I personally knew the late Ray Halpin who was part of Halpin and Jarmans as it was at the time he helped me set up my Limited Company so had no hesitation going back to them.

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EL Added 3 months ago 5 found this helpful Report to admin
June 11, 2019 20190611174205

Negligent and overcharged


In the time we engaged Jarmans we worked with Jay Sahota, Emma Lee, Andrew Gillett. Complaints to these people, plus Barry Bond and Terry Knox were ignored.

We learnt mid way through our contract that our lawyer was a freelancer. A new solicitor was put on the case- Emma Lee. Despite presenting herself as a seasoned professional, Emma (and Andrew before her) overcharged us aggressively, their service was abominably poor and the worst- Emma was negligent. She submitted our papers late to the court, and then lied about it in writing: promising that papers had been filed on time. We only found out because our new solicitor (a proper law firm, not a start up made up of freelancers), identified the error.

This cost us £5k, and their constant overcharging, cost us thousands upon thousands.

They refuse to answer calls and and they refuse to address complaints.

More than this, they are constantly lying. They advertised having a London office, which is part of why we chose to work with them: it turned out they had a £99 membership to a wework common room. It was impossible to sit through a meeting without being hit with a ping pong ball nor being offered a by a twenty something.

This firm should be struck off. We still have not heard back from our complaints in this regard, and I would warn any business to not use Jarmans for their legal needs.

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David Added 11 months ago 7 found this helpful Report to admin
September 28, 2018 20180928165613

Non performance


Jarmans has failed to perform and three and a quarter years after they were contracted to deal with my brothers estate they have failed to perform. They are still holding what I believe to be at least £100,000 of money that should have been distributed. I do not understand what the problem is or why they perform so badly. I am now considering legal action to recover my monies. I would never deal with them again.

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Simon Added 1 year ago Report to admin
July 04, 2018 20180704180822

Excellent service


Very helpfull and prompt service thank you for your help

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Olu Added 1 year ago 10 found this helpful Report to admin
April 25, 2018 20180425144804

Avoid this firm, they are dodgy and unprofessional


BEWARE. I wish I'd read the reviews about Jarmans before getting involved with them, a decision I now regret. My experience with them suggest they are a dodgy, unprofessional and exploitative firm. The solicitor who acted for my commercial conveyance, Sukhbir Sangra kept putting pressure on me to take on additional services for him to charge me extra for. He made everything seem so complicated so he could justify further additional fees and he frustrated the whole process including the vendor's solicitors and everyone involved. In the end after I said no to his additional services, he declined to stop acting for me on the very day we were to exchange and after he had asked me to transfer the money required for exchange. I had to find another solicitor last minute and it took a week for me to get part of my money back from him. He deducted £5,000 in fees for services he did not provide and I did not agree to. I filed a complaint to the partner, Barry Bond and he just completely ignored all my complaints. Now I am having to go the Legal Ombudsman. AVOID this firm, they are dodgy and should be struck off acting as solicitors. BEWARE

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Philippe Added 1 year ago 10 found this helpful Report to admin
December 23, 2017 20171223125844

Jarmans a firm to avoid


Lent jarmans £50,000 all I got for that was a note stating the debt was paid. Funny I never got a penny back. Hired and paid the for a property case court day came and they failed to appear

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