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Glen Added 3 years ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
October 20, 2017 20171020173100

Great firm


Matter Type: Purchase and Sale

They are great.
Really good advice.
Really helpful throughout the sale.
Would recommend them to anyone.
Very complicated sale but they got us through.

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Christine Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
June 22, 2020 20200622210928

Conveyancing - sale and purchase


I've used Langleys twice, once this year and once last. I specifically chose them the second time because of the excellent and efficient service I received from them the first time and they didn't let me down. Nick always replied speedily to any emails I sent and was extremely helpful and courteous when I called him. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and I highly recommend them.

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Simon Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
October 25, 2019 20191025185843



Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Steer well clear. I would give 0 stars if I could.

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Marrie Added 3 years ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
February 15, 2017 20170215131340



Very very bad. Way bellow standard. Would not recommend

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Geoff Added 4 years ago 19 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
June 14, 2016 20160614085811

Poor work & customer service.


Matter Type: Purchase and Sale

I used Langleys Solicitors (a.k.a Home Property Lawyers) for conveyancing when I bought a flat in York last year (2015). The whole process was terrible. Very poor work and customer service throughout the process. It was a miserable, drawn out process with remaining problems that needed resolving after completion. These were also dragged out over many more months. I choose them on recommendation from my estate agent, but their work was terrible and I found dealing with them frustrating and stressful.

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Anselm Added 4 years ago 28 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
February 23, 2016 20160223120625

Flat purchase took ages


Matter Type: Purchase and Sale

My estate agent suggested Langleys (aka Home Property Lawyers) as the firm of solicitors who would be best placed to sort out my shared ownership flat purchase as they apparently had a lot of experience in these types of property transactions and were on my mortgage lender's list of approved solicitors.

I signed the forms for instructing Langleys in mid September 2015. My estate agent gave me an estimated date of moving of 19 November 2015. My completion date turned out to be 26 February 2016, so I have had to wait over three months beyond the estimated date.

My solicitor kept on telling me, in emails, that he was waiting for replies to his enquiries from the housing association and that the housing association tended to take a long time to reply to things. In the end, I phoned up the housing association myself. It took me half an hour to get them to do what my solicitor had been waiting a month for them to do.

In other words, my soilcitor didn't bother to chase things up with people, even if they were exceedingly late with things. I don't know about you but I call this bad service. If you cared about your clients and you knew they were waiting for something important, wouldn't you press people to hurry up if they were taking ages? But no, matters were left to drag on for weeks without any chasing phone calls to get things to happen. Had I not started phoning people myself to get them to do things I would probably still be waiting for a completion date right now.

I have given a 2-star rating for Langleys rather than 1 star because they were good at getting back to my emails promptly and they did actually get the job done eventually, but then it's hardly great shakes to get a small flat purchase right. I was barely ever able to speak to them on the phone as my calls almost always went to voicemail. My solicitor seemed very anodyne and robotic. He didn't seem to have much heart or soul and seemed very cold and detached.

The website of this firm talks about how great their 'speedy' service is. I would hardly call five whole months on a small flat purchase speedy when I have no chain and the seller doesn't have a chain either.

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