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India Added 3 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
July 15, 2020 20200715104224

Poor service, dismissive without facts


Matter Type: Cycling Accident

I had a RTC where a driver opened his car door and knocked me off of my bike causing personal injury. The driver of the car admitted he did not check his mirror and he was fully liable. When McKays finally got in contact my phone signal got cut off after 2 minutes of talking and they did not ring back.
I received an email from Alex Hall asking me to send some aerial map shots of where the incident happened. I didn’t hear anything else for 5 days. She then sent me an email stating that they would not be taking on my case as the Highway Code says to not cycle next to Parker cars. Unfortunately the Highway Code is a big part in my job and I know rule 239 you MUST ensure you do not hit anyone with your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic.
If the driver have admitted liability in the fact he did not check for me I do not understand how Alex could try to explain to me that this collision could possibly be my fault.
A 2 minute phone call and aerial snaps on an email were enough for her to determine I wasn’t worth their time.
I would avoid this firm, unless it is an easy money spinner it appears they are interested.

Solicitor named in this review: Alexandra Hall

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Andre Added 6 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 01, 2020 20200501172304

PI claim from RTA


Matter Type: Car Accident

My claim was handled by Alex form McKays Solicitors. I received regular updates and the communication (emails, letters and phonecall) was very clear. They managed to reach a favourable outcome in court. I'm likely to use McKays again in the future. Many thanks!

Solicitor named in this review: Alexandra Hall

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Peter Added 4 years ago 10 found this helpful Report to admin
September 14, 2016 20160914153559

Could never get an answer - quick to take my money though


Matter Type: Personal Injury Law

I had an accident last year which McKays were very keen to help with, to begin with I had a stream of letters, calls, updates as to what was happening, forms to complete, a hasty appointment was made for an assessment with the doctor (who seemed to answer the questions he asked me himself rather than actually waiting for my reply), physio was arranged, however after that I kept calling, emailing, leaving messages to see where my case was up to which I didn't receive replies to or if I did it was a standard 'oh, I'm just typing your report now, I'll forward you a copy' surprisingly I never received these. Once my offer from the insurance company came through I couldn't get rid of them, members of staff kept ringing asking had I made a decision yet, once I settled payment into my account of this amount seemed to go on for far too long. I wouldn't recommend this company, I've never had involvements with accident claims before but I know people who have and their experience of solicitors was far easier than mine, this company seems 'shady' so bare that in mind when choosing who you use to represent you.

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