How Reviews Demonstrate Your Expertise

Let Clients Know Your Skills In the digital consumer era, online reviews are the new “word of mouth”.  The simple truth is, the majority of people now shop...

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Let Clients Know Your Skills

In the digital consumer era, online reviews are the new “word of mouth”.  The simple truth is, the majority of people now shop and look to hire services by searching online.  What’s more, they use reviews in order to establish the trust and reassurance they need before they part with their money or make a decision.  85% of people surveyed said they’d be more likely to instruct a law firm if they had access to 3rd party recommendations.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t matter if they directly know the person who left the review.  88% of people treat reviews as if they were a personal recommendation.  This shows that there is an inherent element of trust in the reviews process.  And as you know, trust is the foundation of any healthy client/solicitor relationship.

However, the important element to consider in this article isn’t whether online reviews build trust, which they do, it is how they demonstrate your expertise in your particular chosen field of practice.


Clients Have Specific Needs

Whether one is looking for the services of a doctor, a mechanic, or in this case, a solicitor, people are doing so because they have a specific situation they need addressed.  It’s also usually because something has gone wrong.  So, when faced with a choice between a general practitioner, or one who specialises in their particular situation, they’ll pick the specialist almost every time.

What’s more, people are more likely to accept higher fees for a specialist, and will often go out of their way to secure their services.  Naturally, they want to feel like the firm they hire is going to meet their expectations and give them the peace of mind that they are in the best hands possible.  It relieves their sense of risk knowing they are working with an authority who is capable of meeting their special needs.


Demonstrate Your Expertise With Reviews

Reviews are your way of showcasing your niche skills in the online marketplace.  It’s really quite simple.  If they know your law firm is publicly recognised as being able to get the job done in the area that they need, they will reach out.

So, anything that your firm can do to reassure potential clients that they are making the right choice in hiring you for their needs is good business sense.  Let online reviews trumpet your reputation and market your skills so you stand out from your competition.

How Does It Work?

ReviewSolicitors provides an easy to use online platform where potential clients can view your reviews and get the confidence they need to make their decision.  We request reviews from your clients on your behalf, and then showcase them to your prospective customers.

There really is no extra work on your behalf, the process takes care of itself, and we take care of you.

Visit to find out more and get started today using this powerful tool for your business growth.

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