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BRILLIANT SOLICITORS AMAZING SERVICE Taylor Rose TTKW is a top 200 independent firm of solicitors with 400 experts operating from Bishop's Stortford, Hertford, Peterborough, London (HQ), Lichfield, Liverpool, Manchester, Northampton and Workington. We build trusted relationships with people and organisations to successfully overcome hurdles and challenges in life and in business.

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maddison Added 5 days ago Report to admin
June 13, 2019 20190613143210

Shocking service


It took Taylor rose 5 weeks after the mortgage offer was produced and the client has already converted on to SVR to requested documents for the case to satisfy the lender requirements, it has been 3 months since offer and Taylor rose haven't even chased the case which LMS has confirmed have come in. Chantelle the case handler has been avoiding contact in regards to this case and the management team who i went to for further support has been less then supportive. This has incurred hundreds on pounds interest to be owed due to a mess up that was easily avoided if the case was managed correctly. I am furious at the service and treatment.

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Simon Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
June 04, 2019 20190604155340

Remortgage from


What a Nightmare!!!!!! REFUSE TO USE
So far it has been 6 months our remortgage with Money was accepted on 6th December 2018.
Taylor Rose were appointed to deal with the remortgage. We were told they could take up to 6 weeks.
They failed to send the documents 3 times
Their "Handlers" refuse to speak directly to you.
They never contacted us, we had to keep chasing to get any thing done.
I'm writing this after 6 months of this weekly nightmare.
It has made us both physically ill.
BTW our remortgage is still not completed. your choice of Solicitors is GARBAGE

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Louise Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
May 30, 2019 20190530085057

Avoid at all costs


1 star is too complimentary to this firm. One phone call was all we got with our case handler after raising a formal complaint against them through the lender and their own complaints process. Even then that wasnt enough to get contact. Completely unclear themselves on the process and absolute amateurs. If you are considering Taylor Rose, I would suggest you approach a service dog first as you'd have a more successful legal experience.

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JESS Added 1 month ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 07, 2019 20190507163241



I wouldn't even give them a 1 star. The most unprofessional and incompetent solicitors I have EVER had to deal with. Every time you call the case handlers aren't answering calls as they are 'too busy' and when you leave messages they never get back to you. JOSE FARIA IS THE WORST

A representative from Taylor Rose TTKW responded to this review on 29 May, 2019

Dear Jess, thank you for your feedback. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to our clients and we are sorry to hear that you did not receive a positive experience. We would be happy to look into your concerns if you would like to contact our client care team at client.care@taylor-rose.co.uk

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Jacob Added 1 month ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
May 03, 2019 20190503105050

This service was provided free of charge and it still wasn't worth it.


Currently going through a re-mortgage process and as part of the agreement the solicitors fees were included as part of that as long as I used Taylor Rose Ttkw.

I have been trying to contact my case handler, Stephanie Shute, for over a month and haven't heard anything. Every time I call I wait for at least 45 minutes before speaking to someone else.

The re-mortgage was supposed to go through on the 1st of May, this deadline has been and gone and I still haven't heard anything. I have been promised phone calls and emails on multiple occasions only for nothing to happen.

Not a good word to say about these solicitors.

A representative from Taylor Rose TTKW responded to this review on 29 May, 2019

Thank you for your feedback, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to our clients and we are sorry to hear that you feel you did not receive a positive experience. Our client care team would be happy to look into your concerns if you would like to contact them at client.care@taylor-rose.co.uk

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James Added 9 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
August 23, 2018 20180823061757

Responsive and Personal


We were offered Taylor Rose when my wife and I remortgaged. Yasmin Attalah dealt with our case and the communication we received by email and text was as expected. What I was pleased with, was Yasmin's speedy response by telephone to some emails I sent regarding important details.

This was no regular remortgage for myself, as I was using a recent inheritance to reduce the overall sum of the mortgage. Transferring a large sum of money provoked some anxiety for myself and Yasmin appreciated this. Not only did Yasmin call to confirm the money had been received into their client's account, but then called me at 6.45pm on a Friday to advise me the 'remortgage' had been completed as planned. Thanks Yasmin, greatly appreciated!

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Chris Added 10 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
August 20, 2018 20180820212752

Very little communication


We were assigned Taylor Rose by VirginMoney to handle our remortgage. The process started off with a random call to my wife, by a person who didn't seem to have any information on us or whether we were a new mortgage or a re-mortgage. It was so bad that my wife thought it was a scammer. This was then followed up by a questionnaire in the post and I responded via email to the person who sent this asking for details of the online portal so that I could follow the process. No reply. We then had a letter from another person 3 working days after receiving the questionnaire to say that if we didn't return it they would be closing our case. I returned it and emailed to this person to say that it had been returned and again asking about the online portal. No reply.
After several weeks I emailed the original person to ask if they had received my emails and I got a short reply to say that they had passed my email on to the second person. I then got a response from the second person to say they had sent me an email and they attached it. It showed both my and my wife's email address were wrong. I emailed back to ask them to correct the addresses and surprise, no reply!
Again a couple of weeks went by and I tried phoning and leaving a message but got no reply. I then emailed the second person a day before our original completion date to ask what was happening. I got a response from a third person to say the second person had left and they were handling my case. Things then proceeded quickly with a followup email that supposedly included a copy of my redemption statement and a completion statement. It had 2 copies of the same completion statement attached! I also note that I am being charged the electronic transfer fee which I specifically asked not to be charged in the original questionnaire.
Quite frankly this is the worst remortgaging process we have undertaken in 11 years of ownership and 4 mortgage providers. VirginMoney should look elsewhere in future.

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Louise Added 1 year ago Report to admin
June 16, 2018 20180616214923



I did my re mortgage through Taylor rose and we had the lovely Hayley smith, the whole process was quick and easy, she kept me updated throughout the process. Would definitely recommend.
Thank you again Hayley for all your help

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Amanda Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 16, 2018 20180216123952



We used Taylor Rose Solicitors for the transfer and remortgage of our property. Hayley Smith was our assigned solicitor. Hayley was informative and efficient throughout the process. Her communication and advice was fantastic, which made me he whole experience from start to finish a stress free one!!
I would recommend this company and Hayley to my family and friends.

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Richard Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 03, 2017 20171203185518

Purchase of property as a first time buyer


My solicitor, Miss. Neha Kumari, updated me weekly about all enquiries and she personally
called me from time to time to discuss the outstanding situation through out the process.
I am very pleased with her excellent work and professionalism. Even though our completion is not yet done, from my experience as a first time buyer with Taylor Rose Ttkw Limited I will surely recommend it to anyone looking for a solicitor.

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Taylor Rose TTKW is extremely proud of its 100 year plus heritage! Tucker Turner Kingsley Wood was formed in 1984 as a result of a merger between Tucker Turner & Co and Kingsley Wood & Co who specialised in industrial insurance. The latter was founded by Sir Kingsley Wood, who later became Chancellor of the Exchequer to Winston Churchill's Prime Minister. Taylor Rose Law was founded in 2009, bringing a fresh and distinctive commercial and client satisfaction focus to law. Taylor Rose and TTKW merged in 2015. With a proud heritage and a unique management structure unlike any other law firm, the firm's vision is to deliver smart, modern law.

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