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3 Customer Reviews


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James Added 8 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 27, 2018 20181227033413



Was referred to Mundays by a business colleague, they made a highly complex personal property transaction very simple. Things initially didn't go to plan through no fault of Mundays, however they sorted everything and kept me updated the whole way through. Cannot recommend enough. Will most certainly be using them in the future.

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Diane Added 9 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
December 12, 2018 20181212132424

Warning! Do not use - EVER!


I thought my parents passing away was the worst that could happen to me! I was so wrong. Letting this incompetent company deal with my late fathers estate was far worse than anything my sister and I have suffered. Either they gave us wrong advice or non at all. Have put me off solicitors for life!!!! And they have the cheek to charge us a very large amount for doing very little.

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Dominik Added 2 years ago 13 found this helpful Report to admin
December 30, 2016 20161230132320

Disorganised and uncommunicative


The following is all my own view / opinion: I am an experienced property investor and have used a number of conveyancing solicitors in my time. I used Mundays for a relatively straightforward property sale to a friendly party having had a good experience with Kerianne Walker previously.

Things started well with the work but when it came to the crunch, the team, and in particular the Partner, were disorganised and failed to communicate the basics to ensure a smooth transaction. In spite of my specific prompts and significant notice of my travel plans, both made with the intention of avoiding any difficulties, on the day of completion I was being called, while on a coffee farm in rural Colombia, to complete paperwork which Mundays’ themselves would later tell me was “standard procedure.” It simply was not done when I made the prompt and when I was able to deal with it. The impact of not being contactable and not having my full office suite available to me at the exact moment that Mundays’ requested was felt entirely be me as the seller in this case - only I stood to have my business impacted by the delays and problems caused. Even the other party’s solicitor got in touch to express concern that my solicitor “was not familiar with the case.”

I made a point of speaking with the Partner in question on return as it just doesn’t work to have my solicitors so disorganised and jeopardising a transaction. Sadly, after two weeks, two emails and a phone call on my part, the response has only been to acknowledge the error and to seek to justify the actions which led to it, none of which restores my confidence in Mundays as an organisation. I have not received a response to my subsequent communications.

My conclusion – if you want some conveyancing done, Mundays can do it, however if you want to be able to rely on someone to do it professionally and be invested in a positive outcome for you as a client, you need to go elsewhere. As a property professional, I certainly will be.

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