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Anonymous Added 4 months ago Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
October 11, 2019 20191011131343

Fuelled bitterness and animosity


I am not writing as a customer of Williscroft and Co. but rather a victim. I was involved in a case heard in the High Courts of justice during 2017 in which the opposition was represented by S. Adams of Williscroft and Co.

As was right and just, the opposition, Williscroft’s client, lost the case but not until after Williscroft and co. and their chosen barrister had done everything in their power over a six month period to smear and discredit the defendant and anyone involved in the defence. The truth was not important to them. Far from attempting to seek a non-confrontational resolution, Williscroft played extremely dirtily and were complicit in separating two vulnerable children from their mother for five days a week over the course of four months.

Williscroft and their barrister attempted to drag me, neither a complainant nor a respondent in the case, deeper into the case, attempted to make me financially responsible for the defence and attempted to besmirch my reputation with absolutely no evidence or justification.

In the end they lost the case badly, proving that the six months of emotional and financial misery they put a traumatised family through, survivors of years of systematic domestic abuse, was ultimately for nothing.

Truly nasty and vindictive and a very poor representation of the legal profession in general.

Solicitor named in this review: Stephanie Adams

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