ReviewSolicitors’ New Ranking System

Here's your chance to rise to the top.  ReviewSolicitors is launching an exciting new ranking system that will make it easier than ever for prospective clients to know which firms are the highest rated in your area.

Ever wondered which is the best conveyancing firm around? Coming in November 2018, these new rankings will shine the spotlight on top-performing firms in both your local area and nationally. All firms throughout the UK will receive a ranking on ReviewSolicitors to help prospective clients identify firms with an outstanding reputation.

People looking for a solicitor often struggle to differentiate one law firm from another, so they seek out reviews to help them with their decision-making process. The proof of this are the 2 million clients a year using ReviewSolicitors.

Reviews showcase your reputation to clients looking for reassurance in what others are saying about your firm. They are the new word-of-mouth in the digital age, and this is how clients typically make their final choice.

We are now poised to take this process one step further.

Our newly-developed and unique ranking system will help clients find law firms who, ‘in practice’, consistently meet expectations and deliver a superior level of service.

Here's how it works:

  1. 80% of your overall ranking score will be determined by client feedback received on ReviewSolicitors.
  2. The remaining 20% will take into account other factors, which we will discuss in a moment.

It is important to understand that the algorithm has been built to create a level playing field for firms of all sizes. This means that a small two-partner firm that obtains 98% “excellent” ratings will rank higher than a ten-partner firm only achieving 88% “excellent” ratings.

The focus is on performance and how clients truly rate the service provided.

The algorithm also works in tandem with keywords and search terms. These pages will appear on page 1 at the top of Google search results for terms that are commonly used by clients looking for a solicitor. They will be unique in that they will cover every area of law in each major town and city in the UK.

Examples of these types of searches are:

“Top solicitor in Manchester” “Best conveyancing solicitor in Manchester” “Top 10 Manchester law firms” “Business solicitor Manchester reviews” “Highest rated solicitors Manchester” “Solicitors in Manchester”

Our ranking pages will showcase your law firm as a whole (taking into account firm-wide reviews), as well as allowing clients to see how each individual department has performed.

For example, your law firm may rank 1st out of 200 business solicitors in your city, but could rank 5th out of 200 conveyancing solicitors in the same area. This has been done purposefully so that your firm can demonstrate the outstanding reputation that each of its departments has. It also provides clients with the most relevant information as their concerns lie with how your firm will perform in regards to their specific legal need.

The rankings will be based predominantly on reviews collected through ReviewSolicitors, but we will take into account additional information.

Here are the criteria that will affect your overall ranking:


  • Positive reviews collected through ReviewSolicitors
  • Ratio positive reviews to negative reviews
  • Verified reviews
  • Responses to reviews
  • Experience of solicitors
  • Firm accreditations
  • Solicitor accreditations
  • If you have taken control of your firm’s listing on ReviewSolicitors
  • Recommendations from clients


  • Legal ombudsman rulings against your firm
  • Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal rulings against your firm and / or solicitors who work at your firm
  • Negative reviews
  • Notifications from reviewers that your law firm has threatened legal action against a review without using the ReviewSolicitors process for handling negative reviews

Every law firm in the UK will be ranked for each area of law that they practise.

By engaging in the reviews process, your efforts and hard work will be rewarded by a high ranking, which means more clients engaging your services.

ReviewSolicitors will be providing certificates, badges and other promotional material for firms achieving high rankings in their particular field.

Remember that collecting reviews is the most cost-effective marketing available to any law firm.

You can start collecting reviews FREE OF CHARGE by signing up for an account with ReviewSolicitors here -

ReviewSolicitors also has a paid membership which you can trial upon taking up a free membership with us.

Timing is always a critical factor for success.

So the sooner you start collecting reviews, the better positioned you will be in ensuring your spot at the top of the new ranking system when it launches in November 2018.

To your success,

Michael Hanney, Co-Founder