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Myton Law Limited


Sailed through my problems

Most people will never get the pleasure of using these chaps, due to the highly specific nature of their expertise, but expertise they have. Their approach to the minefield of paperwork and regulations we had to navigate, was tenacious, thorough and well worth the money. [See More]

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Simon J.vollans & Co


Tenant eviction

Used simon vollans to help me evict a nightmare tenant i found their services to be most helpful they went the extra mile and gave more than i paid for there costs were very reasonable . I would have no hesitation using them or recommending this company to others . Although hopefully won't get another bad tenant Thankyou Simon & co your work... [See More]

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Swift Lawyers Limited


Not that seift

I rang round for quotes and Swift came up as the cheapest, plus their offices were easily accessible if needed. The initial contact was great, but as the process went on their customer service started to drop. But the biggest problem, which they failed to mention until after lunch on the day we were moving was that they don't have the extended banking... [See More]

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