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Neil Colville Specialist Motoring Lawyer


Good solicitor

I was introduced to Neil at a late stage in my case. He was knowledgable and credible doing his best for me in a difficult situation. Although found guilty I would recommend Neil's services to anyone as my conviction was no reflection on his abilities [See More]

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Corfield Solicitors


Making a Will at Corfield Solicitors

Corfield Solicitors is a Bristol company. Jonathan Corfield is the older of two working lawyers. They are very efficient and the given advice is clear and to the point which is very helpful to the client. The fees are fixed ones for any job and not by the minute apart from time for probate. I am glad I found this company and I can recommend Corfield... [See More]

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Sharman Law


Residential Property / Conveyancing

We were extremely satisfied with the service Sharman Law provided regarding the sale of our house. It was stress free, we moved without any difficulty or complication and I would thoroughly recommend Sharman Law to anyone thinking of moving. [See More]

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