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Kls Law



I called to retain them and they were mean and rude. Maybe it was just a bad day for them but beware. I am very careful to be polite with everyone so I didn't do anything to provoke them. I think maybe the solicitors were just in bad moods but still it was truly extraordinary. [See More]

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Cartwright King Limited


My emplyment case

THey have very competent solicitors who understand the procedure of the employment system . I was glad to work with their staff members, I will definitely be using them in the near future if needed. [See More]

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Jon Kiddie Lawyers


Extremely happy

I have worked with them for several weeks now. They are very knowledgeable and is incredible at what they do. They are never too busy to pick up the phone when I call with a question. Everyone is very helpful and keeps us informed with regard to all our legal matters. [See More]

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