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Case Studies

With over 1000 law firms using ReviewSolicitors, why not see for yourself how other firms benefit from the service and learn how we can support your firm in your review collection journey.

Dave Richardson
CRM Manager

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Dave Richardson, Client Relationship Manager at Ashtons legal based in East Anglia, provides his insight in to how collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors is benefiting their firm.

Amy Hickman -
Marketing & Business Development Director

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Amy Hickman, Marketing & Business Development Director at CWJ solicitors based in Orpington, provides her insight in to how collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors is benefiting their firm.

Kristen Drummond
Head of Marketing

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Kristen Drummond, Head of Marketing at Slater Heelis solicitors based in Manchester, provides her insight in to how collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors is benefiting their firm.

Sarah Fairbrother, Chris Dewey
Director, Managing Partner

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Chris Dewey (Managing Partner) and Sarah Fairbrother (Director), at Ward Gethin Archer Solicitors based in Cambridgeshire, provide their insight in to how collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors is benefiting their firm.

Michelle Pugh, Clive Meredith
Marketing Manager, Practice Director

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Clive Meredith (Practice Director) and Michelle Pugh (Marketing Manager), at Wollens Solicitors, based throughout the South coast, provide their insight in to how collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors is benefiting their firm.

Verified reviews

We collect verified reviews from clients on your behalf so you don’t have the hassle of collecting paper reviews any more.

Showcase your
reputation online

You receive a customised widget for your homepage showcasing your average rating and positive reviews. Your positive reviews are posted to your social media accounts.

Attract new clients &
convert more enquiries

You appear at the top of our search results when people do localised searches. You are recommended on all pages of rival firms that are not ReviewSolicitors members.

The main benefits

Collect verified reviews from your
clients hassle-free
Appear at the top of search results for
when people do searches in your region
Receive a monthly report to track how
your firm is performing
Receive a customised widget for your
Be recommended on all pages of local rival
firms that are not ReviewSolicitors members
Be able to remove reviews from non-clients
swiftly through your user dashboard
Be able to add a free-text comment to any
review left on your page
Gain access to exclusive partner discounts and
preferential rates on indemnity insurance
Have an enhanced profile page where
you can showcase individual members of the firm
Receive assistance with your social media - we post your positive reviews to your Facebook and Twitter pages

star ratings

Your ReviewSolicitors star rating and collected reviews will appear on in your organic listings on . In addition, clients will be able to read the reviews in your “business listing” knowledge panel in the “Reviews from the web” section - set the right impression.

Add Google and Facebook reviews to your profile

Showcase all of your reviews in one place. Automatically add Facebook and Google reviews to your ReviewSolicitors profile with our automated integrations. All reviews collected on each of these platforms will adjust your ReviewSolicitors star rating which will is then displayed to clients all around the web.

Tailored review questionnaires

All of our questionnaires are specific to the particular service the client used the firm for. For example, clients who have used the firm for a conveyancing transaction will be asked 4-5 questions specific to conveyancing. This approach gains useful feedback whilst keeping the questions on topic for each individual client.

Comprehensive client feedback

By collecting reviews through us directly you will be able to gain valuable insights into how each department, location and / or solicitor is performing. This feedback is allows you to quickly see how clients rate the service they have received from the firm.

Individual profiles

Provide each fee earner with their own profile and allow them to collect reviews underneath the umbrella of the firm. Allow your team to take pride in their reviews so they can showcase their reputation to reassure clients that you’re the right firm to instruct.

Ranking pages

It’s your chance to rise to the top. With over 2 million searches each year, it’s important for clients to be able to differentiate between firms. The reviews you collect through the platform allow clients to quickly see who the highest rated firm in their area is. These rankings are based on the reviews you have collected over the last 36 months.

Professional Profile Page

Unlock the power of an enhanced profile page. List more information about the experience and expertise available at your firm, giving clients confidence that you're the firm for them.

Access to widgets

ReviewSolicitors allows you to install widgets on your website that will showcase your 4 and 5-star ratings and reviews in key conversion spots. Tailor the reviews that are shown and place them on any page of your website to increase trust and raise client conversion rates.

See our widgets
in action

Collect reviews and client feedback effectively

Collecting reviews is our specialism so our review collection success rate is very high. Our email templates are mobile optimised and boast a 20%-30% conversion rate.

Insights & Analytics

You will have access to review tracking and MI which allows you to quickly see how your firm is performing as regards client feedback. This can be broken down by area of law and can provide some valuable management insights.

In addition to being able to see the latest information in your dashboard we also provide a handy monthly summary pack to take and use in internal marketing meetings.

Review Leader package - £299
per month

Notification of new reviews via email
Automatically collect reviews
Verified reviews badge
Ability to publicly reply to reviews
No advertising on your profile
Client enquiries directly to your inbox
Customized widgets
Enhanced profile page
20,000 impressions on competitor listings
Incorrect reviews can be removed swiftly through our dashboard
Lower indemnity insurances costs through our "low risk partnership"
4 & 5 star reviews automatically published to your Facebook and Twitter
Appear at the top of our 75,000 monthly searches for solicitors in your area
Full review on how your firm is performing - this includes a monthly PDF pack to be used internally

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