ReviewSolicitors and the SRA

This article will discuss the relationship between ReviewSolicitors and the SRA that underlies our practices. This is to help you understand more about how both parties work together in providing the data that we use on our website, 

Firstly, ReviewSolicitors is approved by the SRA to use the public law firm data web service that they provide. The data provided includes publicly viewable information concerning the law firms that are registered with the SRA by legal requirement. 

The type of data involved includes the name of each law firm, address, telephone number, email addresses and a personal SRA number There is other data included as part of this and the full list of fields provided can be found here -

This information can also be accessed by members of the public via the SRA public register which is viewable via

So how do we use this data?

ReviewSolicitors creates a directory listing of every SRA regulated firm in England and Wales, so we use the SRA information to populate our site and provide all of the information that clients might need. When it comes to searching for firms and leaving feedback, clients have the full legal market open to them. Regardless of the firm they are considering for use, clients are able to read the reviews that other past users of a law firm have left about that specific firm. 

Wherever ReviewSolicitors is using this data on the website, we show a public acknowledgement that helps you understand that this is provided to us by the SRA using the public law firm data web service, this can be found in the footer. We also have a further acknowledgement on the homepage which reads “ReviewSolicitors holds basic listings for all law firms in England and Wales which includes data supplied by the Solicitors Regulation Authority”, so that you are always aware of the source. 

What if this data is inaccurate?

If you find that there is an inaccuracy in any of the data displayed on the ReviewSolicitors site, there are a couple of things that you can do. To begin with, we would ask that you double check the information that your firm has provided to the SRA and if this also needs updating, make sure you do so through your My SRA account. Once this has been updated, the new information will be recognised and will then appear on your ReviewSolicitors firm profile within 48 hours. 

If the data held by the SRA is correct upon checking but there is a discrepancy on your ReviewSolicitors profile, you should email and let us know.

We aim to be completely transparent with our data sources and we want to make sure that it is always accurate.