ReviewSolicitors launches Dual Collection with Google

Members now have access to collect Google reviews via ReviewSolicitors.

‘Dual Collection’ allows you to collect both Google reviews that appear on your Google My Business listing, as well as collecting reviews directly through the ReviewSolicitors platform. Any of the Google reviews you collect through ‘dual collection’ will also appear on your ReviewSolicitors profile page, through our integration with Google reviews.

How it works

It is notoriously difficult to collect Google reviews from clients. One of the main barriers facing clients who are being asked to leave a Google review is that the client must have a Gmail account in order to be able to leave a Google review. This prevents 80% of clients from being able to leave a review about a law firm, as they do not have an existing Gmail account.

With ReviewSolicitors ‘dual collection’, you can simply upload your list of clients and our system will work out which clients have the possibility of leaving a Google review (because they have a Gmail account) and then send them an email invite which links to your Google My Business listing. Clients will then be able to leave their review on your Google reviews account.

The remaining 80% of clients who did not have any ability to leave a Google review in the first instance will be sent a ReviewSolicitors request and invited to leave their review on ReviewSolicitors.

The Google reviews that you collect will be added to your ReviewSolicitors account through our Google reviews integration.

Benefits of using dual collection

  • Collect both Google reviews and ReviewSolicitors reviews simultaneously
  • Up to 5x more client feedback
  • Maintain a strong online presence across multiple platforms
  • Automatically optimised times to send out Google review requests
  • Reduce barriers to clients, making it easier for them to leave feedback about the firm

The ReviewSolicitors ‘dual collection’ tool aims to make it easier for you to improve your response rate and maximise the online presence of your firm.