Legal services in lockdown: we’re the No.1 choice for clients

On average, firms using ReviewSolicitors generate an extra 2-3 client instructions per week.

When lockdown 1.0 began in March 2020, ReviewSolicitors saw a, not surprising, 160% increase in the amount of clients using the site. In a time full of uncertainty, clients needed to find the right person for their legal matter and when turning to the internet, ReviewSolicitors was the obvious choice for those seeking trust, transparency and the ability to identify the best in the field. 

Whilst this level of traffic initially appeared extraordinary, the reasons behind increased client engagement with reviews and 'reputation research', soon became clear. In a time of change, uncertainty, and fluctuating restrictions, peer reviews about the law firms in a client's local area quickly provided much needed reassurance for those seeking legal advice, in the midst of a pandemic.

Client use of ReviewSolicitors continues to grow at an unprecedented rate with:

  • 4.5 million unique visitors each year.
  • Locality becoming a more important factor, with a 35% increase in clients choosing a local solicitor
  • A 23% increase in clients requesting an appointment through ReviewSolicitors after reading law firm reviews
  • Individual solicitor profile traffic increasing by 55%, showing that clients are valuing a more personal legal process

With this came another realisation. Not only was ReviewSolicitors providing the emotional engagement that prospective clients were actively seeking before making an instruction, it also provided the level of detail and transparency that any cautious consumer wants to stumble across. Being the UK’s largest legal dedicated review platform, ReviewSolicitors became not only the first choice for potential clients, but the only choice. Nowhere else online could they find trust, transparency, and positive client engagement for all firms in their town or city, all in one place.

Fast forward a few months to the second lockdown, and the statistics persist. This time, ReviewSolicitors saw a 140% increase in site traffic. It is clear that client engagement with online reviews is here to stay.

ReviewSolicitors is the must-have for every firm’s marketing strategy in 2021. Any reputable firm that wishes to cultivate an outstanding online reputation whilst expanding their brand and differentiating themselves from local competitors should be collecting client reviews - not only is this essential to firm growth, but to the transparency that clients now seek.

ReviewSolicitors continues to deliver to law firms and is the No 1 choice for review collection. With over 1800 law firms actively using ReviewSolicitors, we are here to assist every firm with improving their review collection campaign.

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