Live webinar: streamline client reviews through smart technology

Thursday 18th February, 12.30pm

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Next week, Perfect Portal will be hosting a live webinar which will give you a comprehensive introduction to its new integration with ReviewSolicitors! 

Using the two systems collaboratively will allow your firm to streamline its client review collection, allowing you to boost SEO and save valuable time in your working day. 

Do you wish to learn more about how ReviewSolicitors can boost the efficiency of your review collection, enhance your current SEO practice and generate more conveyancing leads?

This webinar will allow you to…

  • Receive a full guide to the advantages of the ReviewSolicitors platform, from the people who know it best
  • Learn about the benefits of review collection and how it acts as a proven winner for improving your current SEO practices
  • See how easily your firm can generate more conveyancing leads from its ReviewSolicitors membership, from those who are using it already

You will also receive a talk from Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors, sharing valuable insights into how their firm is already benefiting from their Perfect Portal integration with ReviewSolicitors. 

Join us on Thursday to find out how both platforms can bring you better reviews, and more client instructions too! 

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