SRA Pilot: we are the UK’s largest legal dedicated review platform

In 2015, ReviewSolicitors was founded with the vision to transform the transparency of information available to legal consumers and to revolutionise the way that firms promote their services, interact with prospective clients, and gain more instructions by showcasing their best feedback.

Since then, we have seen rapid uptakes of firms actively using our service to collect client testimonials and create an online environment of trust, engagement, and constructive conversation. In fact, over 1800 UK law firms have already chosen ReviewSolicitors as their review collection partner and are reaping the benefits of such a highly present and ever-improving platform.

At the start of 2021, the SRA, Legal Services Board, CILEX and others have taken a keen interest in legal reviews. The evidence shows that this is one of the highest valued pieces of data that clients are using to compare service levels as a quality indicator between law firms. 

ReviewSolicitors offers a legal specific review collection space. This means we’re at the top for internet searches for legal services, which has resulted in 4.5 million annual visitors to the site. When clicking on ReviewSolicitors, this means that clients are greeted by the information that is most relevant to the service they are researching, due to our tailored review questionnaires that are filtered by areas of law. This encourages reviewers to reflect on the specifics of the service they have used, giving future clients information of the highest quality when it comes to making that all-important instruction. 

As your review collection partner, ReviewSolicitors is here to help you improve your transparency, increase trust in your firm’s services, and create a recent and relevant store of information that can be easily accessed by prospective future clients. 

As the SRA dictates, the recently announced pilot study “aims to further improve the information available to the public when choosing a legal services provider.” 

Although the collection of client feedback is not currently an SRA requirement, it is clear that the future of client reviews within legal services is changing and by responding to the implications set out by the SRA in the rationale for the study, you can become a part of its shaping. 

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