ReviewSolicitors: new ranking system

ReviewSolicitors is delighted to announce enhancements to our ranking system. 

The algorithm that scores reviews and ranks law firms from best to worst is getting an upgrade which seeks to improve the accuracy of the ranking information that we display for clients, as well as making changes that help to showcase your firm in the most effective way. 

This update will include:

Changes to weightings for reviews

The area specific reviews your firm is left will now have more of an impact on your ranking. This will take into account not just star ratings but also the consistency of your review collection and the number of recent reviews that appear on your profile. Firms who are collecting reviews consistently with ReviewSolicitors will see the biggest positive impact.

Increased averaging and benchmarking across local and national rankings

In order to allow a level playing field for firms of all sizes we’ll now take into account how your firm’s review collection compares with other law firms of a similar size.

Greater use of reviews in ranking scores

The impact that reviews have on your ranking has been strengthened. They now form a larger % proportion of the total data that we take into account. 

Improvements to how service specific reviews are used against serviced specific rankings and searches

Adding areas of law to your reviews will now positively impact your local and national rankings to a greater extent. This helps our system to make sophisticated judgements by service area, placing you in different positions according to the practice areas that you offer and the reviews that have been collected for each of those service areas. 

Frequency of recalculations increased from once a week to once a day

Every update made to your profile will be considered on a daily basis. Whether this is new reviews, or engagements with new features, our system will now refresh everyday, meaning changes will be reflected in the ranking more frequently. 

Decaying of reviews

Reviews will begin to decay as they age. This means that more recent reviews will have a greater impact on your firm’s ranking, rather than older reviews that are several years old.

The ranking will always take into account the reviews collected by your firm over the last 12 months. However, our new and improved system accelerates the opportunities for your firm to place itself in the rankings consistently, and to move up in position as quickly as possible. 

Our highly sophisticated ranking system has been developed with the aim of improving the accuracy of the ranking information that we provide, to become more sensitive to the interactions that your firm has with ReviewSolicitors, and to make your firm’s presence on our platform a priority. 

Our new ranking system will be going live on Friday 19th March. If you want to know how you can increase your engagement with the ReviewSolicitors platform, your Account Manager is always available to assist.