What happens if you misuse your ReviewSolicitors profile?

ReviewSolicitors has a zero-tolerance policy on fake reviews.

Adding fake reviews or attempting to manipulate your ReviewSolicitors profile to achieve a higher review rating is not tolerated. ReviewSolicitors continues to work to ensure the integrity of the platform and will take action against a law firm should we detect misuse of any kind.

What is classed as misuse?

  • Using multiple different personas to leave numerous reviews
  • Asking individuals who have not used the firm’s services to leave testimonials, such as friends or family
  • Reporting reviews as defamatory, when they are simply not speaking favourably about the firm
  • Paying or using other incentives to ask non-clients to post reviews
  • Internal staff posting reviews under false names
  • Asking a third party to write multiple reviews when not being a genuine client of the firm
  • Getting clients to leave a review whilst at the premises of the law firm

What action could ReviewSolicitors take?

We will attempt to make contact with your law firm if we detect any misuse. You will be given the opportunity to present any reason why the misuse could have occurred. 

After consideration of your comments, ReviewSolicitors reserves the right to action any of the following:

  • Reporting the law firm to the SRA ethics team and providing analytical data as proof of said misuse.
  • Removal of some or all of the reviews received since the first instance of misuse. 
  • Adding a “misuse” message to the firm’s profile for an initial 8 week period to advise clients.
  • Requiring additional levels of verification from clients prior to further reviews going live and being added to the firm's profile.
  • Requiring the law firm to collect through a verified method of review collection to ensure all reviews being left are from verified clients.

What can I do if my firm has had action taken against it?

If your firm has had one or more of the above actions taken against its ReviewSolicitors profile page, your initial step should be to start engaging with the platform. We will allow law firms the opportunity to move past any misuse providing that the behaviour shown is not repeated.

Collecting reviews through the platform is FREE of charge and there is no need to upgrade to a ReviewSolicitors premium listing in order to get back on track and have a misuse message removed.

Any misuse message that is added to the firm’s profile will last for an initial 8 week period. A member of the ReviewSolicitors integrity team will manually assess the profile every 8 weeks and if reviews are then being collected correctly via a verified method, the message will be removed from the profile. Should a limited amount of reviews or no reviews have been collected the message will remain for a further 8 weeks, after which the profile will be reassessed. This process will be repeated with increased timescales between assessments should the firm not have corrected its misuse within the 16 week time frame. 

A verified method of review collection is classed as any of the following:

  • Single client requests (through ReviewSolicitors)
  • CSV uploads (through ReviewSolicitors)
  • Integration of a case management system

ReviewSolicitors has created an honest, authentic, and transparent platform for the showcasing of reputations within the legal market. We take numerous steps to ensure that our stringent code of ethics is upheld. The ReviewSolicitors ethos is built around mutual trust and credibility and we will take the necessary action to ensure that this remains our priority.