ReviewSolicitors Integration with Clio Case Management System

ReviewSolicitors is excited to announce their latest updated integration with Clio. This partnership will allow clients of ReviewSolicitors and Clio to manage their client reviews more efficiently.

The integration between these two platforms makes it easy for Clio users to obtain client reviews with minimal effort from law firms. 

The new ‘no click’ process will allow Clio users to automate the collection of client feedback. Removing the manual process while still providing flexibility within the system. 

The current Clio integration with ReviewSolicitors allows for capturing reviews directly from the platform and achieving an average response rate of 30%. This NEW update will help to boost response rates by up to 40% if you include both SMS or WhatsApp collection methods. 

The email service doesn't stop there! It is essential to ensure that your emails are getting read and responded to. Using data science, ReviewSolicitors will automatically assess when the right time would be to ask your clients about their experience.

Utilising the integration feature, data is passed back into Clio, including automatic email follow-ups over the following weeks. 

5 key features within our Clio integration include: 


  1. Not even a click - Review collection happens automatically—no relying on fee earners to remember to ask clients to leave a review.
  2. Integrated Google reviews collection - collect Google reviews from your clients and feed them into your ReviewSolicitors profile.
  3. Comply with multiple accreditations and audits such as Lexcel, CQS and Legal Aid
  4. Fee earners are always in control - Not appropriate to send feedback to a client? Simply click a button to disable asking for a review.
  5. Two-way integration. All reviews left by clients are delivered back into Clio, helping you create a full-circle review culture when it comes to the internal sharing of client feedback.

ReviewSolicitors takes client data security seriously. We use fully encrypted connections, so your data cannot be accessed by a 3rd party- ensuring that you can rest easy knowing your law firm’s data is safely protected.

“With the automation of certain processes, our team members are able to spend more time on other tasks that require their expertise. This makes us more efficient and allows for a better overall experience with every client interaction by providing a higher level of service.”

Neal Atwell, Spencer Shaw Solicitors - Director of Business Development

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important to both consumers and solicitors. With this new integration with Clio, it's easy for your law firm to collect positive feedback from satisfied clients with quick online form submissions.

ReviewSolicitors is a leading provider of online review services in England and Wales. They offer various services that help law firms capture more reviews and generate more business online. 

The integration process takes less than one hour to complete and is free to set up with no ongoing monthly charges.  

Our team of experts are available to help you get started today. We would love to talk; simply give us a call at 0333 577 4417 or email