Reviews in the time of Corona: provide reassurance when it’s needed most

With fear of the unknown ever-lurking and advice from the government to take each day as it comes, it’s easy to focus on responding to your firm’s short-term...

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With fear of the unknown ever-lurking and advice from the government to take each day as it comes, it’s easy to focus on responding to your firm’s short-term pressures as and when they arise. However, moving forward has never been more of a priority and collecting reviews allows you to invest in the long-term direction of your firm by engaging with the here and now – and with immediate results, you can start to see the impact straightaway.

Online legal reviews really have become an integral part of our lives as consumers. Not only do we like to try before we buy, we like somebody else to have given it a go first. For prospective legal clients, there is so much more of an investment behind the decision, and one that can be overwhelming and often emotionally-fuelled.

Whether it’s your next book to download on Kindle or the best Airbnb to stay at in Bristol, it is unlikely that we now make decisions without somebody else’s word to back it up. In fact, 84% say they trust online legal reviews as much as they do personal recommendations (, and this is an ever-growing trend that law firms simply cannot afford to miss out on. If you can imagine how much research and review-seeking your clients put into upgrading their phone contract or purchasing a new TV, imagine the investment when it is their family or the thing they value most at the forefront. 

When it comes to differentiating between lawyers, the decision for clients is not easy. Reviews provide a level of transparency that easily allows clients to see those law firms who really do stand out in their local area. In times where uncertainty seems to saturate everything we could before be so sure about, the value of the review has never been so high. Whether it be the decision to invite someone into your ‘bubble’ or the best time to visit the supermarket and avoid queues, even the most laid back of us have suddenly been driven by making the right choices for ourselves and our loved ones. Making the right decision when it comes to legal firms is not only overwhelming, but often the first time that many will have had to make the choice. Reviews give the transparency, credibility and reassurance that ensures your firm becomes the local go-to for that individual. So how can your firm start to provide that reassurance for potential clients?

The source of demand has completely transitioned over the course of the pandemic. From employment law to rent issues, people that have never before accessed legal services are suddenly seeking the right guidance – and your client reviews provide that much needed hand on the shoulder. From a distance, of course.

Not only are people seeking familiarity and clarity amidst the unpredictable, online interaction has never been so important. By showcasing your best client reviews, you can be empathetic, flexible, and stay connected – showing that your values extend beyond the task at hand by integrating your clients into a network of trust and reliability. Whilst everything is governed by keeping a distance, we have to find new ways to stay close and reviews allow you to build rapport with prospective clients, even when you cannot shake their hand. Moreover, the lifestyle change that the pandemic has enforced means people are experiencing legal issues that they’ve never encountered before, from noisy neighbours to unexpected redundancies. By showcasing to clients that your firm has a proven track record in this area, that individual suddenly has a clear path into the legal service that is right for them, making them not just a prospective client but a new client on your list.

Collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors isn’t simply collecting reviews from clients. It puts your firm on the legal map, allowing you to access an audience that otherwise would have skimmed over your name in an extensive list of local services on Google. Online exposure means your firm is constantly out there, even whilst staying at home. 

Your whole manifesto is likely to include claims about putting clients first and being there when they need you most and now is the time to show that this is no generic profit-orientated cliche. Reviews allow your clients to reclaim the autonomy they feel has been taken away and they need to be certain that they are always being put first. 

Everyone is feeling the pressure recently but reviews ease this for your clients in a time where advice and sound information appears to be few and far between. ReviewSolicitors puts the most powerful marketing tool in your hand. We request and showcase your reviews, your clients do the talking, and you can be sure that you are implementing long-term success by responding to this short-term difficulty. ReviewSolicitors offers an easy and cost-effective form of marketing that does not make you wait to see the results.

So whilst everything else seems to be on the decline, make sure your firm is a part of that upwards trajectory into growth and reliability. 

Support, security, and sanitiser are not the only things we need in the time of corona: let the UK’s No 1 legal review platform host your firm’s legal reviews and give clients that reassurance where they need it most. 

Make sure you are there, even when you cannot be there.

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