Generating client instructions: demonstrate your expertise with legal reviews

When Lockings Solicitors joined our platform last month, they were keen to start collecting client feedback. 200 reviews and 15 client instructions later, and it’s clear that they made the right choice. Don’t just take their word for it - Cameron Clarke Lawyers received 6 new client instructions within two weeks of joining ReviewSolicitors and IMD Solicitors received 15. Ignoring the power that reviews have over the legal market is no longer an option.

When it comes to making a decision and parting with money, nobody dives in head-first before they have a clear idea of where they’re going to end up. When it’s a personal, stressful, and overwhelming experience in question, this is even less likely. The obvious solution therefore is to make sure that you can provide trust and reassurance, and this is always more credible when it comes from those clients that have been through a similar experience themselves. 

You might be thinking that third-party recommendations are only going to be listened to if they come from somebody that your client knows and trusts, but the statistics say otherwise. In fact, 88% of us will treat an online review in the same way as we would a personal recommendation. If you think back to all of the online reviews you’ve perused when upgrading your phone or buying a new car, it’s likely that you’ve listened to all kinds of respondents from across the globe without even realising it, based on an avatar and a nonspecific username. A little bit of trust goes a long way. 

It’s clear that trust is something inherent to the reviews process therefore, and this is not something that exclusively takes place between consumers. Once the online (and very distant) relationship is established between a previous and a prospective client, it’s your job to fill in the gap, making sure that this trust translates between that client and their next solicitor. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your expertise in the office is present in the online marketplace too.

Ensuring that you appear at the top of searches for solicitors in your area, ReviewSolicitors makes this really easy. Clients can visit your enhanced profile page allowing you to showcase your expertise beyond the review, search for reviews by field to get feedback on the legal matters that are relevant to them, and access ranking pages that help them make the obvious choice. Once they’ve seen your 5-star ratings, contacting your firm is inevitable.

Your next client wants to find the best person for the job. If they’re seeking legal advice, it’s because something has gone wrong and they need you to fix it. Add in the worry and anxiety that most clients often experience, and it’s inevitable that they want the best service they can possibly obtain - and they will accept higher fees for the privilege. By allowing your previous clients to showcase your best skills online, you’re simultaneously relieving the sense of risk that your future client might feel in person. Let them know that they’ll be getting the 5-star experience that their online companions are receiving, in real life.

By showcasing your niche skills in the online marketplace, you’re also increasing the presence, reach, and popularity of your firm. Online marketing is entirely unavoidable when you’re browsing the internet and your clients will be exposed to the feedback you receive, even if they didn’t intend to stumble across it. So, you need to make sure that they’re clicking on your name - and by demonstrating your skills through reviews, this process completely takes care of itself. 

Once you’ve been publicly recognised, your diary will be full in no time. Like with anything we do, we feel so much more confident when somebody else can confirm we’ve made the right decision and as your clients’ needs change, even your regulars need to be sure that they can rely on impeccable service from your firm in whichever field they might require. Collecting online reviews helps your clients to be sure they’re in the best hands, even if they’re listening to people they’ve never actually met. 

Let us take care of your reviews, and your client instructions will take care of themselves. Collecting reviews with ReviewSolicitors means your expertise extends beyond the office - and creating public recognition for your firm is the most effective way to make this move.

ReviewSolicitors yearly membership pays for itself within the first few weeks. The average firm receives 100-150 new clients within the first year directly through the platform. Start collecting reviews today by claiming your firm’s listing here: