Online reviews: going mainstream in the legal world

When somebody needs a solicitor, what’s their first thought? Like everything, the client journey typically starts with a quick search on Google - and this can make or break the likelihood of them instructing your firm. In fact, last month it was reported that over a third of “near me” Google searches resulted in real-life visits (HubSpot). With ReviewSolicitors, you’ll always be top of the list.

Take our example below. When a potential client searches for “solicitors in Sheffield”, it is ReviewSolicitors reviews that appear on page 1. This needn’t be a luxury for the big names either - collecting reviews is essential to each and every firm, including yours.

Of course for the legal client, choosing a solicitor isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Usually provoked to seek legal advice by highly stressful and emotionally-driven situations, the Google search suddenly becomes invaluable in identifying a shortlist of local firms who are “in the running” in the first instance. 

With ReviewSolicitors, you can make sure you’re always the first choice. Not only are we solely dedicated to the legal market with the specific expertise that makes reviews work for you, we make sure that you’re always increasing your presence and generating new clients. When it comes to selecting a solicitor, so many will be new to the world of legal services and reviews quickly become the tool that helps them to navigate their way through. 

To provide them with the route they need to follow, you need to make sure you’re not just talking the talk, but typing the type too - and by collecting client reviews, all of the hard work is done for you. With so many claims skipping around the search results, your potential client needs to know which ones are validated - and once it’s backed up by a review, it’s your firm that gets the big tick.

Whether it’s choosing a new pair of shoes or your next series to watch on Netflix, we’re always influenced by what other people are doing, and it’s no different for the selection of legal representation. So how do reviews help your clients decipher who is all talk and who can walk the walk?

  • Reviews increase the number of referrals: Word of mouth is the oldest trick in the marketing book but when this is replaced by word of keyboard, reviews quickly translate into clients. ReviewSolicitors listed firms generate 2 to 3 client instructions per branch every single week.
  • Reviews mean you can spend less time (and money) on marketing: We all like an easy life and by collecting your reviews, we make sure that you’re focusing on the important stuff. Instead of spending hours in a team meeting coming up with predictable advertising campaigns, reviews make sure your branding is always fresh, authentic, and speaking for itself. We’ve got some pretty good feedback ourselves too; Chris Dewey, managing partner at Ward Gethin Archer says “like magic, I have new clients” as soon as new reviews are written.
  • Get your clients to do the legwork: Advertising and promotion needn’t be your strong point - legal expertise is your specialism, after all. Letting your clients do the talking for you takes the hassle away and if you focus on going above and beyond for your client, they’ll want to return the favour when their case is closed.

With everyone putting their voice out there, make sure it’s your clients that are speaking the loudest. Collecting online reviews is not just a cost-effective method of marketing, it’s often the only one that your potential clients are going to be listening to. The future of client instruction is changing, and we don’t want you to get left behind. Ditch the bland campaigns and get your clients talking - ReviewSolicitors gives you the control you need to make sure that your clients are always singing your praises, and you’re always listening to what they’ve got to say.

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