Being there and showing that you care with online reviews

It’s likely that somewhere in the branding, ethos, and marketing campaigns of your firm, you are telling your potential clients that you really care. But how much are you actually investing in making this a reality for them? Anyone can make cliched claims regarding client care and customer engagement, but doing this in real time by collecting online reviews for your firm is always going to make these claims far more authentic. By doing this with ReviewSolicitors, you can say that you care and really mean it.

Whilst numbers are important when it comes to attracting clients, you should remember that you are not just going through the legal motions, and churning them out once the case is closed. Your clients have specific needs, and they need to know that they are being listened to. By showing that you are interested in their comments, you are proving that you are not only a skilled solicitor, but one who is attentive and supportive, and these attributes often go much further than your expertise in the courtroom. 

Once this system of support and commitment is established, you will quickly realise that the relationship between client and solicitor is not a one-way street, but rather one that is reciprocated and completely mutual. When your client makes a comment regarding the service they have received, either positive or negative, this is always an opportunity to respond and take appropriate action. In fact, market research has shown that 95% of unhappy customers will return to a business if their complaint is dealt with quickly and efficiently, so a simple response and display of care really will go a long way. And by taking the step to respond to your reviews - which takes very little time and effort on your part - you can make sure that you’re enhancing relationships with your current clients as well as showing your future clients how they can expect to be treated by your firm. So for the here and now and the months to come, reviews really have got you covered.

Whilst building strong and supportive relationships with clients face-to-face should be your first concern, it is important to remember that online reviews are always public, and this enables you to showcase your excellence both in and out of the office. It also means that your online reputation is always available, and this should be persuading any potential clients who are teetering on the edge of picking up the phone and instructing your firm. If you do have a client who is sitting on the fence, factors like price or location are not usually the decision makers - reputation and trust are far more likely to sway them in the right direction. If emotional engagement is something you feel needs enhancing within your firm, you can read our advice here but to put it plainly, the best way to build trust in the legal market is to make yourself present in the online marketplace. Enabling your clients to leave reviews with ReviewSolicitors and perfecting your manner of response means you can do this really easily.

If you’re still not convinced, let the research do the talking for us. According to the Harvard Business Review, online reviews directly lead to better ratings so if you’re not offering clients the opportunity to make comments, you may see your client numbers begin to dwindle. The study concludes “our work shows that managers can actively participate in shaping their firms’ online reputations”, and this is not something to be shunned. When inviting your clients to leave feedback, remember that you are not begging their praise. You are giving them the tool that encourages free expression, enhances their experience, and allows you to stand above your competition.
So if your last campaign mentioned something about being there for your clients and always going the extra mile, don’t let it be another unsubstantiated cliche.

Show your clients that they are valued by saying you care and really meaning it. Start using online reviews to grow your firm today: