Reviews, reputation, and risk: why asking for feedback is something you cannot ignore

When it comes to integrating a new platform into your marketing, we understand that there will always be certain concerns at the top of your list. These might include factors like cost, how time consuming the job may be, as well as the return on investment you could potentially see in client instructions. However, it’s likely that you’ve never looked at this the other way round - what if that new tool is exactly what you need, and something that your competitors are already snapping up? The collection of online reviews with a platform like ReviewSolicitors is cost-effective, requires minimal input from a marketing team, and sees reviews translated into client instructions, often immediately. Investing in a service like ReviewSolicitors is extremely low-risk: what is risky is ignoring the need to obtain feedback at all.

The most prominent reason why you should be collecting reviews is simply that this is what your potential clients expect. You wouldn’t make a high-value purchase without some serious reassurance beforehand, and initiating legal proceedings may be the most pertinent decision that your client will ever make. When a client makes that initial search, let’s say “divorce lawyers in Newcastle”, there’s very little chance of picking the firm that appears on the results page when it is not accompanied by a star rating, or affirmations from people going through a similar experience. Imagine that client making the same search and finding a top ranking firm with a thread of testimonials confirming the claims that they make - clicking straightaway becomes the obvious choice.

What should make the collection of reviews even more appealing is that your competitors are getting in there first. Put yourself in your client’s shoes again. If four out of five firms in their area are collecting reviews and yours is the one that isn’t, you’ll go straight to the bottom of the list. By this time, the law firm around the corner has already got that client through the door and once that client has left a review on the firm’s profile, multiple others will be following in their footsteps. By joining the platform yourself, you can completely intersect the process. Once you’re collecting your own reviews, giving genuine and sincere responses, and promoting the positives across your social media, you’ll soon become the first choice.

It’s also worth noting that reviews go hand in hand with credibility and authenticity. If your firm is not collecting reviews, a certain element of suspicion arises. What is that firm trying to hide? Why don’t they want to show off their feedback? In an age where the keyboard is far more influential than word of mouth, this can quickly become an issue for people seeking your services and the impact on client instructions is detrimental. If your firm is concerned about receiving negative reviews and this is causing some reluctance, there are some things that you should remember. Negative reviews can actually be quite useful as they give your client an idea of what the worst case scenario could be. Rather than appearing ‘too good to be true’ which is very possible in an abundance of positives, a client will feel that they have an idea of the potential risks, which makes your firm appear a lot more human, credible, and a sound option to choose.

You might be thinking that reviews are unnecessary once you’ve done your job and your client’s case has been closed. However, your client service doesn’t end when that client has walked out of the door - client service always involves the before, during, and after. When you take care of the during, ReviewSolicitors takes care of the rest. Paving the way for client expectations and the eagerness to select you, we make sure you are creating the best possible impression before instruction. Providing a platform for your client to then express their thoughts as well as having any negatives resolved means the ‘after’ is considered just as important. We deal with both ends of the experience, so that you can focus on the most important bit.

As consumers, we rely on more factors than ever before when we’re making a purchasing decision. Whilst online shopping may depend on the ease of returns, the variety of stock and so on, the risk attached to instructing a solicitor is far more detrimental. By not collecting reviews however, the risk very much lies with you. Showcase your feedback and make sure you’re always the obvious choice. 

Start collecting reviews and stop missing out on client instructions today: