SRA Pilot: how can your firm collect reviews from clients?

There are multiple methods that your firm may have historically implemented in order to collect client feedback. We’ve heard of many - paper survey forms, follow up emails, even the verbal exchange of feedback before a swift handshake and a client that is never to be seen again. These methods have been overexerted and underutilized and most importantly - they simply do not work anymore.

This is where ReviewSolicitors comes in. We can automate your review collection process, completely digitise your review collection journey, and make sure that your client feedback creates a permanent online repertoire for your prospective clients to browse. 

Here is an introduction to the review collection methods that your firm can gain access to - and we can guarantee they are much more appealing than the dusty pile of feedback forms lying untouched at the back of the office…

Case management system integration

By far the most effective review collection method receiving the highest praise is the case management system integration. Integrating with your case management system will completely automate your review collection process - when a matter is closed through your system, review requests will automatically be sent to clients, unless you choose otherwise. This is a seamless integration that requires no intervention from you or your colleagues at all. 

Single client requests

Perfect for sending a handful of invites out, the single client request requires you to pop in a few client details at the end of their matter and we’ll take care of the rest. ReviewSolicitors will send up to 3 requests out at the optimum times for the best collection rate. All methods are also fully GDPR compliant, so we will never see any client details.

Uploading a CSV file

This method requires the same information as the single client request, but allows you to send a bulk amount of requests out with ease. Simply populate the spreadsheet with the details of 10, 20, 50 or more clients and upload the spreadsheet via your dashboard. ReviewSolicitors will again send up to 3 requests out at the optimum times for the best collection rate, saving you time and guaranteeing your collection success. Top tip: Dual Collection works with this method too! 

Using the multipurpose link

We have generated a unique link for each branch of your firm (and individual solicitor if you have uploaded these, too) which will take a client directly to the ReviewSolicitors questionnaire in order to leave your firm a review. This link can be copied and pasted onto whatever platform you use to communicate with clients - whether emails, text messages or anything in between. Be careful though - the multipurpose link should only be sent to verified clients, so we wouldn’t recommend putting it on your website, for example. 

Paper questionnaires

Whilst we’re here to completely digitise your review collection journey, we do understand that you might get the odd client who does not have access to the internet. For this reason, we have created the paper review - a paper replication of our online questionnaire featuring your firm’s logo that can be downloaded, printed, and handed to any client that requires it. You can then upload this via your dashboard by copying your client’s responses alongside an attachment of the paper survey and it will appear on your profile just like any other review. This makes your review collection process completely inclusive. 

Mid-case feedback

The only review collection method where feedback is not made public, mid-case requests allow you to gain an insight into your client’s experience while their matter is ongoing. Sending a mid-case request will invite the client to tell you and they feel their case is progressing and if they are happy with the service they have received so far. This review is not made public, but it does allow you to assess your client’s response and rectify any potential issues that may have arisen. If a client has raised a complaint and you are notified, it can be resolved prior to the end of a client’s matter, where they are then more likely to leave a positive review. 

Whichever you choose to use, the manual, time-consuming, and frequently neglected methods that your firm may have used in the past suddenly seem very unattractive.

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