48-Hour Temporary Suspension to Negative Reviews on ReviewSolicitors

Termed as our new 'client care protocol', ReviewSolicitors is happy to announce a new feature allowing any law firm, at its own discretion, to apply a 48-hour delay to a negative review received the moment it is left.

If your firm is concerned about a rogue client or somebody on the opposite side of the matter leaving a negative or defamatory review, you now have the ability to suspend the review immediately whilst you raise your complaint or consider your response.

Across the six expansive years since its initial inception, ReviewSolicitors has gained a thorough and all-encompassing insight into the operation of legal services and how legal reviews play a fundamental role in the transparency that clients expect.

Whilst reviews about legal services are now commonplace, we understand that a review site allowing clients to leave reviews about legal services needs to find the right balance between clients leaving feedback and law firms being able to monitor and respond to these. Law firms should not be put at a disadvantage and instantly need to drop everything in order to respond to a negative review which can be placed online by a client at any time of the day.

Our ‘client care protocol’ will allow your firm to receive notice of a negative review at the point when it is submitted to ReviewSolicitors, giving you the option to suspend this review for up to 48 hours to investigate the comments involved. You may wish to try and identify the reviewer - and if you cannot identify them as a client of your firm, you can use our reporting process to flag the review as defamatory. The client would then need to submit additional information before their review will be allowed on ReviewSolicitors.

If this is not possible or it is just a negative review that requires a carefully worded reply, delaying the publication of the review then creates the opportunity for you to reflect on the comments, identify a solution, and to develop a constructive response prior to its posting. If you provide a response within the 48 hour period, then both the review and the response will go live at the same time.

There are also additional tools at your disposal when it comes to engaging with the poster of the review should this be something that your firm wishes to do.

Upon reviewing a hotel or a restaurant, it is often broad, collective, and at times superficial service indicators that come to mind. When considering legal services however, the repercussions of the service delivered can be far more profound - and for this reason, we understand that the motivation behind a negative review can sometimes appear unfair, ungrounded, or led by the wrong party. 

ReviewSolicitors has developed this feature as we believe that your firm should not be put at a disadvantage by being exposed to negative content before having the chance to account for its reasoning. Our platform caters for the unique and dynamic needs of an ever-changing market, and one that stands apart from the generic service industries and the review sites that cater for them. 

Remember to take control of your ReviewSolicitors account in order to have the ability to suspend a review. You can do this for free by visiting this page and completing the form on the right hand side.