ReviewSolicitors legal rankings - how they work

As a ‘whole of market’ review platform, ReviewSolicitors gives those who are looking to find a solicitor the ability to see all local firms who can assist in their matter. We give clients the freedom to find great law firms with excellent reputations for legal competence, communication, documentation accuracy, client satisfaction and success rates. 

In order to assist clients, we provide an overall ReviewSolicitors ‘ranking’, which identifies the highest rated firm in the local area as the No1 result, with the remainder of law firms sequentially following.

ReviewSolicitors provides a ranking for the different expertise that a potential client needs. This means that every firm has a ranking for each of the main practice areas that they cover, including Family, Wills and Probate, Conveyancing and Criminal. We use the data that firms provide to the SRA to identify the relevant areas of practice. 

In the event that you identify an area that your firm practices not to be listed, we would first suggest you update your data with the SRA as this will filter through to us. Alternatively you can send us an email to let us know -

How does ReviewSolicitors produce a ranking for each law firm?

In order to allow law firms of all shapes and sizes to fairly compete for the highest positions, our algorithm takes into consideration the size of the firm, number of reviews, rating of the review, recency of reviews, and how the law firm has historically collected reviews. 

The position of law firms often changes based on the reviews that are being received. Our algorithm is designed to ensure that there is a level playing field for firms of all sizes. This means that a smaller two partner firm receiving excellent 5 star reviews from 30 clients over a year will feature in a better ranking position than a larger 40 partner firm who collects 500 reviews but at a 4 star average rating. 

Recency is an important factor in the weight applied to each review in the overall ranking; this is based on the age of the review, as well as the frequency of reviews for this area of law across the whole platform and for the firm itself.  It’s therefore important to keep collecting reviews in order to maintain your ranking on the platform.

In instances where we do not have a sufficient amount of reviews we will rank law firms based on the feedback we do have. To make clients aware of this we display a “Limited data available” button next to the ranking. In the event that we hold less than 5 reviews about the firm, we will allow the firm to opt out of being included in the ranking until such time as we hold a minimum of 5 reviews for the firm. If law firms are equally ranked by score then we will list firms based on an A to Z ranking.

How do I improve my ranking position?

  1. Collect more reviews. 

It’s a very obvious thing to say but collecting reviews will most certainly improve your ranking position. Reviews make up the majority of your ranking score so it is important to be asking your entire client base for reviews at the end of their matter. As your reviews are less relevant the older they are, it's important to ensure that the firm is continually collecting client feedback so you feature highly.

  1. Ensure a high satisfaction score

The quality of your reviews is by far the single most important aspect of how your firm will feature in the ranking. ReviewSolicitors provides a level playing field for firms of all sizes. This allows clients the ability to quickly see which firms in the area are good at what they do - regardless of size. 

  1. Integrate your third party reviews

ReviewSolicitors allows your law firm to easily and automatically collect both Google and Facebook reviews as part of your review collection campaign. Any reviews that are collected on either platform can be added into your ReviewSolicitors profile and will be taken into account when our system calculates your firm’s ranking position. With around 18% of clients leaving a review using Google reviews and 3-7% using Facebook, and including these reviews if you do have them can help boost your firm's position. 

Should you need any help in adding these reviews into your ReviewSolicitors profile please do let us know by emailing us -

  1. Tag all reviews

Most clients normally tag the review they are leaving with either the individual solicitor or the particular matter type e.g. Conveyancing. Should they forget it is important to tag each review so that it can be included when our system works out the ranking position for the law firm. Should you need any help in doing this please speak to your account manager.

Can I opt out of the rankings?

Yes. Should your firm not wish to show a ranking for a particular area of law then you can log into your ReviewSolicitors dashboard and turn off features in the rankings. You can do this regardless of whether your firm is using our free or Premium membership. If you do not have access to your firm's account yet, you can gain access by registering your details here -

We will allow your firm to be removed from any rankings where your law firm has less than 5 reviews for that particular practice area.

To do this simply navigate to the “Branch profiles” section and scroll to the bottom. Select the “Remove from ranking” and set it to “Yes”. Please note that it can take up to 7 days for this to reflect in all the rankings.

We encourage you to get involved with ReviewSolicitors and collect reviews from clients who use your law firm. Client feedback is an important part of the early stages of the clients journey to find a solicitor. All clients will use the internet to learn more about your law firm and over 55% of clients are now using online reviews as indicator of which is the right firm to instruct. 

ReviewSolicitors provides you with a dedicated product that is custom made for the UK legal market. Should you wish to find out more, please register your details here.