Defamatory Content Highlighter: Taking action against defamatory reviews

ReviewSolicitors understands the challenges of collecting client reviews online. This has always been our drive to create new tools to help prevent defamatory content on our platform.

The Defamatory Content Highlighter is a software developed by our teams to help spot what could be understood as defamatory when clients leave their reviews.

Defamatory Content Highlighter

This visual prompt would trigger words, such as scam, dodgy, thieves, etc., to be flagged up and propose alternative terms or suggest reflection.

The feature guarantees the integrity of the reviews left on the platform whilst offering a transparent and open space to help the clients voice their experiences, allowing those wishing to read more insightful feedback.

It is important to note that the system’s primary goal is to help the client by encouraging them to consider the terms used to form a valuable review.

Suppose a client wants to share their dissatisfaction regarding the pricing. In that case, they could be tempted to use words fuelled by emotions, such as “scam” or “con artists”, which would be judged as defamatory in cases where there has been no financial wrongdoing by the firm.

The Highlighter would then suggest a rewording to a phrase similar to this:

“I did not feel the service was good value for money.”

The law firm then receives insightful feedback, which they can engage in improving specified service areas. This new feature then helps the client alter those words into a constructed and more valuable review to the law firm and the readers.

What is considered defamatory?

A review is defamatory if it contains statements that are not a genuine representation of fact. This means that not every negative review is essentially defamatory.

Negative reviews are not always the end of the story…

We advise you to reply to negative reviews and offer ways to resolve the matter. From our experience in the field, many law firms have been able to reverse negative thoughts into positive experiences.

What happens when you report a review as defamatory?

The system that detects the defamatory terminology is robust; however, if a review slips through the net, you can still report it as defamatory to us.

After we receive your request, we will remove the review from your page for up to two weeks whilst we investigate using the defamatory reviews process. The reviewer will be contacted and asked to confirm their full name, address and whether they stand by the review.

You can read more about our policy and how to report defamatory content here.

ReviewSolicitors aims to protect both parties: The law firms against slanderous statements and their clients wishing to give authentic feedback. Our processes have proven vigorous and transparent for a fairer legal sector.

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