Next Generation Side Widget

ReviewSolicitors is pleased to announce the launch of its new next-generation legal-specific side widget, which will replace the current side widget in use. The Side Widget 2.0 is set to be rolled out on Monday, March 20th and offers a multitude of improved features and functionality.

Through its participation with the SRA on its pilot scheme for reviews, ReviewSolicitors foresees significant regulatory developments in the market, particularly in the area of review collection for law firms and the utilisation of that data to provide greater transparency regarding star ratings and expected service levels, for clients.

The new ReviewSolicitors "Side Widget 2.0" has been designed to ensure law firms remain ahead of the curve and utilise the latest technology to showcase their reputation and attract new client instructions.

Side Widget 2.0 gif

What are the changes?

The existing side widget, already utilised by over 75% of all law firms on ReviewSolicitors, has proven to be valuable in informing new clients that the law firm actively collects reviews through an independent third-party platform. 

Side widget 2.0 takes this a step further by enabling clients to make more of an emotional connection with the firm by gaining a greater understanding of the firm's reputation in respect of factors that are important to clients, at the early stage of their 'client journey'.

It utilises the latest front-end technology and allows for a more friendly, intuitive and informative client experience when using a law firm's website and learning about its reputation. Clients will now benefit from a smoother and more visually pleasing overlay element which is dynamic and adapts to the client's interaction.


This next-generation widget provides the firm with greater flexibility and customisation options. This enables you to select from a range of independently verified statistics about the firm to be displayed for clients. The options include:

  • Would clients recommend the firm (default)
  • Recommend to friends and family (default)
  • Documentation accuracy
  • Value for money
  • Satisfaction with the outcome of the matter (default)
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Initial Impression
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Approachability

The firm can select up to five of these options to be displayed in the expanded version of the widget, providing clients with a clearer understanding of the services the firm offers and differentiating it from local and national competitors.

The firm will also have the option to customise the widget further and make it specific to the matter type the client is researching on your website. 

Further options for customisation include:

  • Selecting the number of reviews that will be shown
  • Choosing the area of law (service area) the reviews relate to 
  • Optionally including third-party reviews, e.g. from Google 
  • Positioning of the widget 

How to upgrade?

The new “Side widget 2.0” is free to all existing ReviewSolicitors premium clients. Firms currently using the existing side widget will not need further action, as the widget will automatically update on the 20th of March to the new and enhanced version.

If the firm prefers to keep the existing widget, please contact your ReviewSolicitors account manager or call 0333 577 0206, and we will arrange for the new code to be sent to you.

If your law firm is yet to join ReviewSolicitors and wants to know more about becoming a premium member, please visit our joining page and complete the form on the right-hand side.

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