Unlocking the Power of Client Reviews: Insights from the SRA's Pilot Scheme

On June 19th, 2023, the long-awaited findings from the SRA's pilot scheme for reviews were unveiled, shedding light on the regulator's significant emphasis on client reviews. As a prominent participant in the pilot, we have analysed the report to identify key takeaways that will undoubtedly impact law firms. Below, we outline some of the crucial findings that highlight the evolving landscape of client reviews in the legal industry.

Unlocking the Power of Client Reviews

SRA’s Quality indicators in legal services pilot project report

The landscape of legal services is shifting, and at the heart of this change is the undeniable importance of online reviews. The SRA's pilot scheme provides the confirmation we've all been anticipating - reviews are no longer a choice; they're a necessity.

  • A key takeaway from the report that will unquestionably strike a chord with firms is the lack of consumer interest in price comparison websites.

It underlines that clients are not primarily driven by finding the cheapest service. This revelation is not surprising, as legal services are professional services. Just as you wouldn't choose a heart surgeon based solely on cost, clients seek legal representation based on quality and reliability.

The report clearly indicates that clients seek genuine and impartial reviews that offer a reliable prediction of service quality. The SRA identifies review platforms such as ReviewSolicitors as the optimal instrument for fulfilling this need. This reinforces their commitment to position reviews as a fundamental pillar in their pursuit to enhance transparency across the legal profession.

  • The SRA’s research reveals an intriguing trend: 62% of consumers favour review sites over a law firm's own website when seeking legal services through search engines.

This preference amplifies the crucial role of authentic, unbiased reviews in the decision-making process. It signifies that clients no longer rely on the firm's self-portrayal but seek real experiences and independent assessments to make well-informed choices. Undeniably, transparency and authenticity through reviews have become paramount in influencing client decisions.

Client reviews are important... What's next?

Although the SRA has not yet revealed the specifics of their action plan to compel law firms, their groundwork has undeniably set the stage for reviews to become a mandatory standard across the legal industry.

The report highlights the next steps: "Explore options to increase legal service provider engagement with DCTs or online reviews" and acts like a clarion call.

This unmistakable signal underlines the SRA's futuristic vision of a more transparent legal services market, where reviews form the bedrock of consumer insight into a law firm's service levels and capabilities.

At ReviewSolicitors, we're proud to have over 4,000 law firms using our platform to collect client feedback and reviews. In the pilot scheme, almost 80% of participating law firms selected us as their review partner, solidifying our position as the market leader for legal reviews.

These findings stand as a powerful testament to the undeniable value reviews bring to both consumers and law firms. The SRA has committed to educating clients about review platforms like ReviewSolicitors, emphasising the pivotal role these platforms play in facilitating informed decision-making.

The report sends a clear message to all law firms: embracing client feedback isn't just beneficial; it's expected. Law firms that have yet to embrace public reviews are missing out on a competitive edge in the online landscape. With 92% of clients expecting to see review data on a law firm's website, the immediate benefits to reputation and client engagement are evident.

The SRA's call to action is clear - reviews are the future, and all law firms must get on board.

For firms still waiting to take this step, we invite you to join ReviewSolicitorsDiscover how we can facilitate your engagement with this crucial aspect of the legal services market.