Defamatory Content Highlighter: ReviewSolicitors against defamatory review content

To assist with the prevention of defamatory content on ReviewSolicitors we have developed a proprietary software solution to highlight defamatory content at the point when clients are leaving their review.

Termed as our Defamatory Content Highlighter it seeks to assist with ensuring the integrity of the reviews being left by clients and to provide a proactive and user-friendly platform to both showcase the reputations of UK law firms and provide constructive and insightful reflections of their services for future clients.

ReviewSolicitors understands that when a client has not been left completely satisfied with a firm’s services, they may turn to the platform to voice their views. These views are sometimes emotionally fuelled meaning they could be defamatory and not conducive to gaining valuable feedback, for the firm or potential future clients. 

ReviewSolicitors has implemented a new visual prompt which works at the point of the review questionnaire helping the client to understand what could be construed as defamatory terminology. 

This visual prompt will flag up any potentially defamatory terms (such as scam, dodgy, thieves, dishonest) as a client types their review, and suggests alternative terms that the client may wish to use instead, or propose reflection. Providing alternative ‘language choices’ can help a client to better express themselves, prevent defamatory terminology being left about the firm and provide more valuable and useful feedback for those wishing to read reviews about law firms. 

This new feature will not prevent clients from voicing their frustrations, but rather encourage them to reflect on the terms, contexts, and language choices that construct their review. This tool is purely assistive; it does not exist to coerce or manipulate a client’s review choices, yet prompts them to reflect on the linguistic selections they are making. 

If a client wishes to express their dismay with the fee they have ended up paying for example, they may be tempted to use inflated terms such as “thieves”, “con”, or “scam”. This language will of course be considered defamatory, in cases where there has been no financial wrongdoing by the firm. Instead, the defamatory content highlighter will prompt the client to amend their choice of language to something like “I did not feel that the service was good value for money.” Whilst this may not be the ideal review to receive, it does give you a reflective comment with which you can engage and use to improve specified service areas - in turn, pitching your firm as proactive, reactive, and ready to listen to the needs of its clients. 

Not only does this help prevent the publication of defamatory material, it also allows those who may encounter the review to make reflective and informed decisions about using the services of that firm in the future.

Instead of using terms that are motivated by disappointment or frustration therefore, the review is transformed, becoming a lot more insightful and useful for future readers. 

ReviewSolicitors understands the unique demands of reviews in the legal sector. Being a high value and at times life-changing investment, legal services can often be subjected to extremely emotive critiques. We have taken innovative steps to ensure that this is never a disadvantage to the firms that we showcase.

If you’re interested in the other measures we have taken, you can read about our new “client care protocol” here. To claim your firm’s listing and begin collecting client reviews, register your interest here.