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32 Customer Reviews


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Rosemarie Added 21 hours ago Report to admin
February 16, 2019 20190216165828

Mothers Estate


Samuel Balmbra was very efficient in dealing with my mother’s estate after her death when you are upset at the loss of your dear mother all you want is for someone to take over all the paper work for you and this is exactly what he did.Was always ready to answer any questions I had and kept me well informed as to what was happening.
Would definitely recommend very pleased with the whole experience.

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Jane Added 1 day ago Report to admin
February 15, 2019 20190215155003

House Buying


Ryan Shepherd at Premier solicitors dealt with my recent house move. I found him very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. He answered all my messages & dealt with my enquiries promptly, which is surely all you could ask for. The move went smoothly & in a timely manor. As I am a middle aged lone client I found the whole solicitor experience very positive and not at all stressful as times like this often are.

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Gina Added 6 days ago Report to admin
February 11, 2019 20190211134707

Help with Letters of Administration


I have found Premier Solicitors to be extremely efficient and very helpful in getting things sorted out with my late mum's estate. Each step was explained clearly in correspondence mail and email. Not left hanging on waiting. Roz very professional. Would definitely recommend and use again. Thank you

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Charlie Added 1 week ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
February 07, 2019 20190207215426

Truly Unprofessional


If your looking for legalised robbery look no further than Premier Solicitors. Absolutely terrible service. At least Turpin had the decency to wear a mask.

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Raksheet Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 05, 2019 20190205113007

Manisha is the one you want! Brilliant.


Premier solicitors are brilliant... Well. I don't know about all of them. But if you get Manisha Patria then she truly is brilliant. Easy to get a hold of and really helpful overall. Really good at explaining what is going on and letting me know of delays as soon as possible. If you want to know the nightmare that we had to deal with then lookup "Watkins and gunn review". As of this review posting. My review of Watkins and gunn is 3 months old. I posted the review on the day of completion. By Raksheet. Have a read. to have to deal with that, while keeping me sane and explaining what is going on in depth is just amazing. Don't know how she did it but she did. I would highly recommend Manisha, she did a fantastic job and really helped pull the sale through.

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Phil Added 1 month ago Report to admin
January 18, 2019 20190118084704

Slow and uncommunicative - Remortgage took 7 months


I used Premier Solicitors for a very straightforward re-mortgage of my property. I regularly followed things to try and keep things moving and always asked if they had everything they need from me. Response was slow, documents I sent were missed/ lost, they were not clear with what they wanted and were uncommunicative. It took 7 months to complete and there were no issues with either myself, the property or the existing and new lenders that caused any delay at all. As far as I can tell it took this amount of time because of Premier Solicitors slow service.

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Jonathan Added 1 month ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
December 28, 2018 20181228213525

terrible - avoid


Shockingly bad communication from Oliver. They do not use phones, email only. THis is fine for the most part, but sometimes, usually when it's urgemnt, you need s=to speak to soneone and they just do not get back to you.
Overall, they were slow and poor communicators (typical solicitor concerns), with no effective escalation process. Strongly recommend avoiding, I will not use again.

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f Added 2 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
December 04, 2018 20181204130309

Charged for service that I did not use


I intially used this firm for a commercial purchase. However after a few weeks that seller pulled out of the deal. I was forced to fork out nearly 2000 pounds and was threatened with legal action. Any other solicitor will not do this (my mistake of not reading the small print). I suggest all readers to use another solicitor as deals do break and this solicitor firm will show you no mercy and charge you the full amount. BE AWARE as this firm is only out there to make lots of free money!!!!

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Anne Added 2 months ago Report to admin
November 21, 2018 20181121100454

Amendment to documents


Taranjit provided an excellent and professional service for us.

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Freddie Added 3 months ago Report to admin
November 16, 2018 20181116100144



Thank you Premier Solicitors. Without your help i might not be able to retrive what is left of my late sister's estate.

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