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52 Customer Reviews


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Donna Added 4 days ago Report to admin
November 13, 2019 20191113172734

Roz Williams at Premier Solicitors


I had a legal matter and Roz attended to this expediently, professionally and she is a joy to deal with. Highly recommend : )

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antoaneta Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
October 25, 2019 20191025090958

Rueben Cowling acted with professionalism and integrity at all times


As a first time buyer, it was difficult to understand the process of buying a property but Rueben Cowling (Residential Conveyancing Department), from Premier Solicitors LLP was very professional and kind, acted with integrity at all times, and his sensible advice really helped us throughout the process. We were explained all fees from the beginning and at some point we had to request more services which were not included in the obligatory expenditure, and to our surprise there were no extra costs. We are very happy and grateful that despite the fact we were in a long chain, we completed on the property and we own now our dream home! Thank you again Rueben!

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Anonymous Added 1 month ago Report to admin
October 18, 2019 20191018114201

Wills executed quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable cost


Despite my own tardiness, Anushika dealt with our Wills professionally, quickly and communication was excellent. Very highly recommended. Every engagement I've had with Premier has been a very positive experience from a customer perspective.

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Peggy Added 1 month ago Report to admin
October 14, 2019 20191014113846

Transfer of property to sole name


I needed a transfer of property doing quickly. Malika Charles was my solicitor and she was professional, proactive, and a good and prompt communicator. She also had a warm and kind manner. Having her in charge of the process felt like an oasis of care at a very difficult time.
The fee was competitive, the transaction was very propmptly executed and I am very grateful to have received this service.

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Phil Added 2 months ago Report to admin
September 17, 2019 20190917141831

Excellent Service and Value for Money


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Premier Solicitors - they handled conveyancing for my sale and purchase, and were excellent throughout. Ryan was always highly professional, patient with stressed out clients (me), and tenacious with other solicitors in the chain who demonstrated minimal competence.

I'm so delighted with the service offered that I'm going out of my way to leave online reviews, which I am usually far too lazy to do. That says a lot!

Solicitor named in this review: Ryan Shepherd

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Gillian Added 2 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
September 13, 2019 20190913112650

Excellent service


I would not hesitate to recommend this firm and in particular Emma Brown and her colleagues who dealt with a complex probate case with absolute professionalism and kindness. Very many thanks

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Pawel Added 2 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
September 11, 2019 20190911200055



Hi this year we were assigned Mr Adam Grey.Avoid this man if you only can.complitely incompetent service. No information. The only phone call I received was about starting cooperation and money I need to pay him .

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Martin Added 2 months ago Report to admin
September 05, 2019 20190905142633



This is the 5th occasion we have used Premier Solicitors. I believe that says it all. Selling a house, land leases, wills and two sets of probate. Fantastic company.Emma Brown and Niahmh Mackenzie have been great as have everyone else we have dealt with.very many thanks.
Martin Sandford

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Adam Added 3 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
July 26, 2019 20190726094823



Please avoid this solicitor
They are incredibly incompetent and the only thing they really care about is payment for their services.
my case was about bullying at work place and it was not easy case as I was below two years of my service. I thought they know what strategy to follow and how to manage this case however the only thing I have received as their "support" was few letters to my former employer ...
My former employer was ignoring those letters and I have alarmed solicitor that this is the case and was asking for advice and next legal steps however each time answer was the same - we have to wait until appeal hearing results - and when my former employer decided not to uphold my appeal they have just informed me it will be difficult to prove bullying environment and gently suggested to leave it or alternatively they can carry on but it will cost me `this and that` amount of money.
when I raised my concern that this is not what I was expecting as form of support and pointed that they are not Customer oriented and pointed that despite I was alarming them that my former employer does not react/respond to any of my letters, I was told that they have been telling me from the very beginning it will be difficult to prove. The thing is I was never ever told that it will be difficult. Noone made any point about this. Noone raised any concern. And the worst thing is that they had no clue and any strategy how to proceed - they were just preparing their letters based on other templates they have used in the past. Noone discussed with me or explained to me how this topic will be approached and what will be done as next step. The most disappointing thing is that they informed me in their email that they are sorry that I cannot face the truth ... is this the way your solicitor is "supporting" its Client?
So if you feel too confident and you want to be told how ungrateful you are please go ahead with Premier Solicitors ... but please do not forget - you will have to pay for this service

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Anonymous Added 3 months ago Report to admin
July 25, 2019 20190725150450

Would recommend highly.


We were recommended Premier solicitors when purchasing our first house. We were assigned Leanne Miles, and she couldn’t have been more helpful.
We found ourselves on a very quick timescale, eventually, and we were helped step by step through the process with a calm head, while we were losing ours.
Highly recommended, will definitely use them again.

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