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32 Customer Reviews


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Tatiana Added 1 week ago Report to admin
May 21, 2020 20200521154303

Outstanding service!


Our family of 3 have recently hired Cameron Clarke lawyers limited, and in particular Mr Tony Shergill. Our experience was great and beyond words, really! Our case was handled thoroughly and meticulously. We had almost 24/7 support on the phone and as many meetings as we felt we need, our emails were responded promptly. The company truly lead us through all that, gave us not only great professional support, information and consultancy, but also confidence and peace of mind. The whole experience with the team was positive, easy and friendly. We feel tremendous gratitude for them! No doubts for the future: whatever happens in life - Tony Shergill will be the one we first think of to ask for help!

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RAJANDEEP Added 4 weeks ago Report to admin
May 04, 2020 20200504160800

Absolutely Brilliant !!!


Tony Shergill of Cameron Clarke lawyers is the most professional, honest, understanding and committed lawyer I have ever met and worked with in the UK and overseas.
I have a niche entertainment company.
Due to his thorough attention to detail and manner in keeping me calm and promptly replying to all communications regardless of the day or time when I thought there was no resolution, we obtained a successful outcome for us a company and the future cultural development within various communities about heritage and culture from india.
He is our lawyer for life and I recommend his skills and enthusiasm to seek results to all businesses, families and individuals.
bless him and his firm.

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Waisiki Added 2 months ago Report to admin
March 15, 2020 20200315150618



Was so good working with them . Guranteed job , especially from when I went away from the country , because I am in the British army . This Man have really helped me . I recommend him to anyone who is struggling for the VISA TO

Was this review helpful? Yes Added 4 months ago Report to admin
January 31, 2020 20200131134355

EU settlement agreement


I have known Tony for 11 years now and he helped us in 2009 with our ancestral UK visas and now 11 years later with our pre-EU settlement agreement. Tony has been an amazing help and he managed to do what big firms like Breytenbachs could not do. He helped my mother-in-law get her UK passport and my husband’s cousin. He is very good at thinking outside the box and he gets back to you immediately. I highly recommend him and his services ! We have never been disappointed and like I said 11 years ago we got to know Tony and he and his services have not changed. We highly recommend him!!

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Bernor Added 4 months ago Report to admin
January 25, 2020 20200125145456

Highly recommended


Tony Shergill has helped me since my original application to come to the UK through my citizenship application. These kind of applications are never easy and Tony made them manageable, always being there when I needed him by phone, email, or in person. He always did more than the minimum and went the extra mile to make sure of the success of the applications.

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Laurie Added 4 months ago Report to admin
January 23, 2020 20200123150352

Above and Beyond


Tony Shergill has been an integral part of my journey through the Home Office visa application and renewals process. Every question I had was always answered promptly, setting my mind at rest without making me feel I was wasting his time. He even worked late into a Friday evening to help me complete an application. As a result of Tony's diligence, my applications have been as smooth as possible, and always successful.

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Jaswinder Added 4 months ago Report to admin
January 23, 2020 20200123113729

Gurdwara Newcastle


Excellent service. Precise. Advice is second to none. Highly recommend. Tony Shergill has been handling our immigration work for the past 9 years now and have a 100% success rate.

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Kaur Added 5 months ago Report to admin
December 28, 2019 20191228100711



I had a complicated application. The only lawyer that helped me and explained the process in simple English was Tony Shergill. Other professionals just wanted my money and did not engage with me or treat me like a person but a pound sign.
He carefully took his time and made me feel at ease.
My application was approved and all the hard and diligence paid off.
My trusted lawyer for all my legal work is and will be Tony Shergill.

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Sandeep Added 5 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
December 12, 2019 20191212131144

Absolutely Brilliant!!


Brilliant work by Ms Ronica Dhanoa and Ms Jyoti Kataria around the Divorce Financials.

The Financial process had been made unnecessarily complicated and convoluted by the Ex. Ronica stuck to the process and chipped away all the unnecessary complications to bring it down to the core considerations. She stood firm, and made sure that unjustified demands were removed.

Jyoti exceeded the benchmark set by Ronica and my expectations in the conveyancing matter. She was extremely professional and thorough around all documentation and made sure the buyer expedited all activities. She understood the background around the sale of the property and made sure I was safeguarded from all angles. Jyoti went out of the way to ensure the money from the sale of the property was transferred in the 'nick of time' to prevent me from paying another month's mortgage.

The team was extremely understanding and mindful of all aspect, such as effort, time, costs, stakeholder engagement and complications.

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Reena Added 8 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
September 18, 2019 20190918203513

Great service


Thnku So much to Cameron Clarke team especially Tony Shergill Sir. Handle our complicated case With your well experienced , perfect knowledge and genuine advices. Really appreciate all your hard work.

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