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Carrie Added 3 weeks ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
August 23, 2019 20190823113125

The most unprofessional solicitor ever encountered


Richard Walker should be barred from practising law in any form. The most unprofessional solicitor I have ever encountered. Rude - aggressive - unfriendly - unhelpful -

The solicitor I was appointed for my Conveyancing matter was professional -thorough and polite but he left the firm (presumably after a disagreement with Richard Walker and speaking to him later I can see why!) it took 3 days before Richard Walker returned my calls! Then he was rude and said he was dealing with my matter and he had “sacked” my original solicitor....

Two days later (a Friday) I was expecting to exchange contracts I telephoned his office and spoke about the queries. Everything seemed in order, so expected to exchange on Monday. I telephoned again and his secretary said he was busy on a long call and would call me back. He did not. Tuesday no call - Wednesday I was told by my estate agent that he had gone on holiday!! And he handed my file to a different solicitor in a different firm! I was then called by that solicitor who I had never met or appointed, however my matter had progressed so far that I would have incurred more charges to take it elsewhere and start again - although I wished I had and wanted to - the new solicitor progressed through exchange and completion fine. It was not his fault.

What is already a stressful and drawn out process when Conveyancing on my property sale with a cash buyer and no chain either side should have beeen quick and simple became extremely stressful and lengthy - expensive and a complete fiasco! Absolute disaster and it’s taken me 3 weeks to even think about writing this to save anyone else from having to experience this.

This is not the kind of review I would expect to write or wish to write about any firm or professional. I only do so to warn anyone away from using him.

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Barbara Added 1 year ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
June 04, 2018 20180604094625

Professional and helpful


My Father is in poor health and as a family we felt it best to get power of attorney for him and arrange for him to do a will, the lack of a will was causing my father some concern. We called Walkers Solicitors and spoke to Mr Walker. We explained our situation and told Mr Walker that my father is not able to get out and about very easily. He arranged to come and see us the next day. When he arrived he was very informative and very patient as my father had lots of questions. My fathers power of attorney is still at the court but I don't foresee there will be any problems. My father is far less stressed as his affairs are now in order. We will be using Walkers again.

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Sam Added 1 year ago 8 found this helpful Report to admin
May 31, 2018 20180531221231

Unprofessional and rude


Very rude and unprofessional solicitor. Very similar reasons to the review by a client. Bit of a coincidence that the only good review is by Richard as the solicitors name is Richard Walker.

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Richard Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
October 04, 2017 20171004095942

Excellent and helpful


Mr Walker was excellent and answered the telephone himself. The previous solicitor I had called, I could not even speak to, so left a message, but they never called back. Although he could not help me, Mr Walker took time out of his day to speak tome for well over 15 minutes about my issue to help me, got to the nub of the matter, advised he could not assist, but recommended someoen else who could. If it had not been for him I would still be leafing through the phone book. And all this for free. Thank you very much for helping when you did not need to. Above and beyond.

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Andrew Added 2 years ago 12 found this helpful Report to admin
June 26, 2017 20170626154703



Made initial enquiry and was met with a stuffy, uninterested and rude response. Avoid.

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