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5 Customer Reviews


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K Kaur
K Kaur Added 3 weeks ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 11, 2020 20200311124818

No integrity in solicitors


This firm is a very bad and the management do not care when you complain.
They are bullies and thugs in suits when you tell the truth.

Ripped me off and blocked me.

They start off really nice to your face and then when they have your money you get charged more and more

Stay well clear of Mr Vikramjit Singh and Mr Lakhani who will be so pleasant then when things went wrong from their side they became nasty, intimidating and threatening. Not professional at all.

You were warned.

Solicitor named in this review: Vikramjit Singh

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Kiran Added 3 weeks ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 11, 2020 20200311114900

Dishonest Solicitor and firm


I am horrified by this solicitor's extra hidden charges. He called it at the start as a one off fee under his terms of business but he started to bully and indirectly threaten me if I did not pay up the extra amount no solicitor would take my case and my case would fail indefinitely.
He was unfair in charging me more for he called "that is extra" which he made me believe was part of the fee £850.00 cash. As I was stuck as I did not know who else to go to I was bullied in to the corner and forced to pay more cash money (£250.00). Worst was when I asked for a receipt for the all payments made he would say he was email me and never did. I was recommended at the Science of The Soul Southall centre that he was honest and he followed honest and righteous path.

I have noted when Vikramjit Singh Malhotra is operating as a solicitor he is not honest and ripping me off and done it to others. Others are scared of him at the centre to say anything to him as he feared as he has a lot of power as a solicitor.

People should not be scared of Vikramjit Singh Malhotra.

He is operating under the name Vikramjit Singh under Solicitors Regulation Authority.

He will deny that I am client by writing "Thank you for leaving a review. We take feedback very seriously, however, we are afraid we can find no record any clients matching your name or details. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you wherever we can – if you have had alleged bad experience with our service, please contact us on immigration.law@outlook.com." as he doing with other clients who have been cheated and ripped off. This a common tactic to brush people off who have been wronged.

He is not allowing my review to show on Google as he knows what has happened to me is the truth.

He sometimes met me at his AKL branch then his Hayes office which is under a different solicitor's name. Something dodgy.

Sadly, no one is listening to the bad practice of this solicitor and he is making up good reviews to boost his profile.

It was reported to his senior partner at AKL solicitors but they were not bothered.

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Adnan Added 2 months ago Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
January 31, 2020 20200131005750

Excellent service from Vikramjit Singh


Thank you for excellent service of Vikramjit Singh, solicitor.

He helped me and my wife to get my visa. I was struggling for many years but reached no where. Mr Singh took personal interest in my case, and helped me at every stage of my case.

I am thankful to him. I will highly recommend him to everyone and has passed his number 07506090199 to all my friends.

Solicitor named in this review: Vikramjit Singh

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Harjeet Added 7 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
August 25, 2019 20190825144700

Bad solicitor


Dear Vikramjit Singh,

A poor service from you.
I wish there was a zero stars.
Please beware of this solicitor.

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Alline Added 11 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
April 22, 2019 20190422103821



The home office sended me a letter confirming about my ihs refund paying in akl solicitors account and i sended a copy to akl solicitor to inform them about it but they haven’t refund the money the money to me, also dont care about it, don’t answering my calls. In the begging showed very friendly, but after received our money they didn’t care about us.
Wrong application form in the begging and missing signatures sended to home office. Not organized service and very difficult communication by phone. Overpriced for poor service and advice

Solicitor named in this review: Sherali Lakhani

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