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Lasting power of attorney


September 15, 2022

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Excellent service. Would highly recommend

Due to my mother’s advanced years and ongoing health issues she was
strongly advised to seek a Power of Attorney agreement. After much research
Mr Greener was recommended to facilitate this.
Immediately upon contact Mr Greener displayed a highly professional and
empathetic manner. Part of his service includes home visits which was
arranged shortly thereafter. The fact that Mr Greener offers a home visit service
was indispensable as this negated my elderly and disabled mother trying to
travel to his place of business.
Mr Greener arrived promptly at the time agreed. He was immaculately turned
out and immediately put my mum at ease. He took the time and effort to
ascertain if my mother required any additional measures taken in relation to
any hearing, visibility or other sensory needs. I took this as displaying someone
who genuinely has his client’s needs as his first priority. He also showed an
authentic respect for my mum which was most welcome.
Despite the lateness of the day Mr Greener calmly and competently explained
all aspects of Power of Attorney welcoming any questions my mother or I may
have. He also took the time to ensure my mum was aware of all information
explained to her in easily understood terms. At no time did he undertake the
“hard sell” approach.
In addition he reassured my mum that she was welcome to contact him at any
time in the future should she have any questions on the matter in hand or
indeed any other legal issues.
Overall and throughout the entire process Mr Greener was an absolute
pleasure to deal with. His competence, professionalism and general disposition
was outstanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Greener in
relation to any and all legal matters. In the meantime I would thank him
unconditionally for his compassion throughout the entire process

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