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Nicola Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 25, 2021 20210225193259

Nicola Hodgson


Matter Type: Car Accident

This has been a lengthy process made worse due to Coronavirus but your team have supported and guided me throughout and always made me believe in what I was fighting for.
Nicola Meese although not dealing with the case for long was very reassuring and incredibly well informed about what we needed to do next to either put it to a close or court. I was worried about going to court having never been in this situation before but I felt very well supported and professionally represented. I cannot thank her enough and the rest if the team that have been involved.
My review boxes ticked will be based on the initial start and the ending, the part in the middle for a Yr was difficult with limited things happening.

Solicitor named in this review: Nicola Meese

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Chris Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 25, 2021 20210225115732

Personal injury


Matter Type: Car Accident

Fast, reliable service provided for me and my family.
All points of contact very professional, and individualised.

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Litia Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 24, 2021 20210224163221

First time experience


This is my first experience in dealing with a solicitor regarding our car accident. To be honest I was nervous at first because I didn't know what to expect or how to go about with the claim. I was only referred to OCL Solicitors by my husbands insurance company because I was sitting in the passengers seat when the accident happened and to top it off I was seven months pregnant.
I can say that I am very pleased with how my claim was handled by Nicola Walker and the process that followed after. Nicola was very informative about the process and presented me with different alternatives to suite my circumstance. I received more than what I thought I would even be eligible for and I am very grateful for that. I would highly recommend OCL Solicitors to anyone looking to make a claim especially if it's your first time to do so.

Once again, Thank You so much for your service.

Litia Yatevatu

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Michael Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 24, 2021 20210224062458



Hannah kept us informed and answered any queries quickly. Settlement made and awaiting payment. Very happy with her service.

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Naj Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 23, 2021 20210223154757

Injury Claim


Matter Type: Whiplash

Excellent service throughout by Venessa Hooper at OCL Solicitors, I was always contacted and updated on my case, Mr Hedley Nield was brilliant and very understanding, very professional service, I would highly recommend, Big thank you to all at OCL.
Naj Salem

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Bradley Added 1 week ago Report to admin
February 22, 2021 20210222120524

Great experience from start to finish


Highly recommend, Amber Swales was really helpful from start to finish and made the whole journey simple and easy for me

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Lee Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
February 19, 2021 20210219174037

insurance claim


i felt that ocl solicitors did a very good job during very trying times due to covid,i recieved numerous phone calls keeping me updated and also e mails,charlotte and sarah were really helpful

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Lee Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
February 17, 2021 20210217190426

ins claim


i found ocl solicitors dealt with my claim very fast and recieved my money pretty fast.

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Mohammed Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
February 12, 2021 20210212235534

Exceptional service.


Matter Type: Road Traffic Accident

Excellent service being provided by Jack Alinson and his team for my personal injury claim. Very efficient , polite, helpful and quick. Highly recommended.

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rhian Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
February 11, 2021 20210211130306

Vanessa Hooper


on the ball and professional , since taking over my RTA claim it has moved on considerably. Thank you

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