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Steven Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 09, 2020 20200309142838

Personal injury claim


In general, my claim was handled well throughout. Della Lynch dealt with my case and kept me updated along with giving me practical advice along the way. My claim took 2 years to eventually get settled and whilst there was the occasional breakdown in communication I never felt unaware of the status. Claim was settled in full which was a good conclusion.

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Kirsty Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 28, 2020 20200228104628

Car Accident Claim


I was a passenger in a car when we were hit from the side by another driver. It is the first time I have ever been in a car accident and the first time I have ever needed to make a claim. I initially spoke with Samantha Earl who talked me through the procedure for making a claim. Understandably I was upset and shaken and she was sympathetic and friendly, I felt well looked after right from the start. They also arranged physio for me as I had hurt my back and neck.
My claim was eventually taken over my Rachael Wall who saw the claim through to the end and she was professional, responsive to e-mails and answered all my queries quickly.
My claim is now settled - thank you.

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Joanne Added 1 month ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
February 05, 2020 20200205102853

Bumper cars


I was hit by a 3rd party and this is the first time i have ever had to contact my insurance.
One Call Insurance was a nightmare and they recommended OCL Solicitors. They dealt with my claim effectively but it was a nightmare to speak to anyone and they take a big % of your claim compensation also they sell you things you don't really need when its not your fault and that also come of the compensation amount. Being new to any claim i really feel i was taken advantage off and out of a total amount of £1700.00 i only received £1100.00 and then they send a cheque and wont deal in bank transfer. I would not use OCL Solicitors again and i would not recommend them either.

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lynda Added 1 month ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 03, 2020 20200203153504

Car insurance claim


The claim was dealt with professionally. But found trying to ring the person I needed to talk to I had to go though other people first even when I told them the name of the person I wanted to contact.

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Angela Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 31, 2020 20200131123624

Hit and run accident!


Its bad enough being involved in an accident, but when its not my fault and the other driver never even stopped to exchange details - it is even more stressful. Lucky I had a dash cam which showed in detail that the accident was a non fault on my part - the other driver went through a red light!
How ever I got in touch with Ocl Solicitors who with evidence from the dash cam - completely sort out every thing for me. I filled in the forms and they did the rest and believe me, I had no stress from their assistance to the finished - in my favour! Thank you

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Vicky Added 2 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 20, 2020 20200120155129



I had 4 solicitors in the end!! The people here never keep you updated! I went 3 months with no correspondence and in that time there was a third person who took over my case ! Ask questions but never actually give you legal advice! Truly dreadful I was given no quote, was not given any advice on if it was worth going forward, and when asked for advice I was fobbed with answers like how long is a piece of string!!

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Jane Added 5 months ago Report to admin
November 01, 2019 20191101181934

Car accident - personal injury


OCL Solicitors handled my case well. Explored all avenues to support my claim and were professional throughout. Thank you - I hope (in the nicest possible way) that I have no further need for a solicitor in these circumstances but was completely satisfied with the service I was given. My accident was one which was fairly stressful considering that the person deliberately drove into my car and was arrested at the scene but being guided through the injury claim process was never stressful.

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Henry Added 6 months ago Report to admin
September 23, 2019 20190923201210

Motor claim


Very pleased professional service very helpful I was kept informed every step of the way happy with the outcome would recommend

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Geoffrey Added 7 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
August 13, 2019 20190813185800

Professional and excellent work


I was involved in an RTA where whilst turning right a car overtook me on my offside colliding with front wing causing damage to both cars. The driver alleged I was indicating left. He claimed damage costs, injury, cost of hire car and time off work. My case was taken up by Annmarie Kirkbride who over the months completed s comprehensive case negating the drivers claims. At county court I was represented by Sophie Firth assisted by Christine Hotterwell.. It was evident Sophie had read the papers and was excellent in cross examination and conducting the case. Christine had read the papers and was very enthusiastic. I won my case the claim dismissed . All those involved from OCL solicitors Doncaster did a fantastic job. Thank you.

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Richard Added 10 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
June 06, 2019 20190606111015



Thank you for your efforts and professionalism, would highly recommend this company. All people involved throughout my claim were always attentive, easy to get hold of caring and understanding a true 5 star experience. A big thank you to Lauran Cassidy and Scarlett Tasker for all the hard work and the great service.

Thanks Rich Y

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