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Prince Added 2 weeks ago Report to admin
April 28, 2021 20210428102948

Thank You


Matter Type: EEA Residence Permits

Excellent service that cones with value for money

Solicitor named in this review: Mohammed Waseem Nazir

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Noreen Added 1 month ago Report to admin
April 07, 2021 20210407111421

My husbands case


Excellent service from wasim who handled our case professionally and good really happy and would recommend anyone who need help to use his service. Thankyou wasim

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An Added 1 month ago Report to admin
March 23, 2021 20210323130955

Thanks batley law for helping me win


I come from China,My case experienced a long waiting time, and finally I won the appeal. Batley Law Ltd helped me carefully study the content of the rejection letter. During the period, I met with lawyers many times and arranged professional translators to translate accurately and carefully, and gave me professional I submitted good evidence and explanations. The hearing was over. The judge granted me asylum application based on the valid evidence. At the same time, revoked the first letter of refusal from the Secretary of State. This was a very successful result. I won. Thank you waseem nazia director solicitor!

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Kawa Added 1 month ago Report to admin
March 17, 2021 20210317164620

Kawa Abdullah


The best solicitor excellent service very helpful with my case

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seifeddin Added 2 months ago Report to admin
March 13, 2021 20210313151109

Asylum claim


I'm very happy with the service that I had from Batley Law Limited as Waseem Nazir was dealing with my case untill I obtained the Residence Permit . However, Waseem was very friendly, calm, polite and Extremely knowledgeable about UK immigration. I can't wait to see him again as I'm looking to see him by the end of this month because I'm going to apply for Indefinite leave to remain.

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Ahmed Added 2 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 13, 2021 20210313110139

Asylum claim


Matter Type: Asylum applications and appeals

I’m very satisfied of Batley law’ services through their lawyer Mr. Fazian.
Very friendly in dealing with clients, reached whenever required and very assuring.
I strongly recommend Batley law firm.

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Neelam Added 2 months ago Report to admin
February 28, 2021 20210228103317

Great service 👌?


I've always come back to titan Bussiness centre Batley. after having first met Waseem when he supported my case over ten years ago, and Hans more recently.

Always professional, calm, helpful and friendly. Extremely knowledgeable about UK immigration, and supported my complex case. Would highly recommend!

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rem Added 3 months ago Report to admin
February 11, 2021 20210211112826

I am deeply grateful


They are professional
I am happy to dell with Miss cocobb luqman she is very helpful and kind

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Cherita Added 4 months ago Report to admin
December 16, 2020 20201216113907

Great Service


I cannot express how grateful I am for Mr Nazir. From the moment I met him I could tell that this young man was going to provide me with an exceptional and professional service. He was caring, and took his time to help me get myself together. He connected me with other relevant professionals that I desperately needed to see. I have no doubt that because of the work that Waseem did for me, I got a positive result in my case. Thank you 😁

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Zee Added 5 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
November 28, 2020 20201128065326

They are professional and experienced


They are professional and experienced solicitors, I was struggling to get permanent stay in UK since 2011, last year I met with Mr Waseem, he did hard work on my case, now Me and my family we got permanent stay, thanks to Mr Waseem and Batley Law 👍

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