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4 Customer Reviews


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Adam Added 2 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
January 28, 2020 20200128145100

Refuses to take responsibility despite overwhelming evidence they're at fault


Having utilised Henriques Griffiths' Conveyancing services on 3 occasions (2 sales, 1 purchase). Up until a few months ago, I only had good experiences of the service received. That was until I had to deep a bit deeper into the integrity of the firm once a problem had arisen one year after my purchase was complete.

The standard process with regards to Conveyancing involves the Buyer's solicitor approaching the Vendor's Solicitor with a number of questions which were not first apparent at the draft contract stage. This is commonly referred to as the 'Enquires'. Whilst the Enquiries are outstanding the Solicitor will prepare a Legal Report, the text within will advise of the detail they know to be right, but also make you aware responses to their enquiries are required before they confirm you're in a position to proceed any further.

And this is where Henriques Griffiths have failed. They received responses to their enquiries but failed to report the relevance of the responses to me. A simple error, you may think. And I'd agree, but nonetheless an error it is.

An error that has cost me £30,000.
An error that the firm has wilfully ignored, and twisted my complaint to lay all of the blame on me.
An error that the firm has done it's upmost to overlook.
An error that resulted in the Conveyancer who dealt with my purchase, and the assistant who supported her, leaving the firm (coincidence, I’m sure).
An error that warranted the response "I have practised residential conveyancing for the whole of my career" ….. and have never seen a response any different to that received in the Enquiries (but yet they felt the need to the questions).

Essentially..... An error the firm refuses to take any responsibility for despite overwhelming evidence they're at fault.

I can't decide whether they're bad at their job, arrogant or just happy to force a (former) customer to pursue an expensive legal alternative to ensure they take responsibility for their failings.

Needless to say, I wouldn't use them again and suggest others stay well clear too.

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Katharine Added 4 months ago Report to admin
November 08, 2019 20191108114250



I cannot rate this solicitors highly enough. Jessica Champion led us through a very challenging sale and purchase of a new property over an 18 month period. Jessica and her assistant Juliet were amazingly patient and efficient. The responses and communications were quick, professional and friendly.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use Henriques Griffiths again.

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Martin Added 2 years ago Report to admin
April 06, 2017 20170406092301

Good Service


My wife and I used HG recently for a house sale and a purchase and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  From start to finish the service was excellent.  My solicitor, Anna Ma, was always available and answered my queries in a  professional, timely and friendly manner.  Anna made what could have been a potentially challenging move into a smooth transaction and we were made to feel that everything was under control and we were in safe hands.  We have been regular clients of HG over the years and they will always be our first point of call.

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Saima Added 1 year ago Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
October 25, 2018 20181025132704

Wonderful support


I used HG for my first time purchase. My solicitor, Charlee Purnell, was so wonderful at keeping me updated through this whole process. I cannot thank her enough for this support during this very important transition in my life. She was professional, prompt, and very caring. I am now very happy in my new home. I highly recommend HG. Thank you!

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