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3 Customer Reviews


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Anonymous Added 4 months ago Report to admin
September 30, 2019 20190930195629

Responsive, Professional, Friendly


I’ve been dealing with Sally who I can’t recommend highly enough. She’s straight down the line when discussing likely fees and very reasonably priced. Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable too. Thanks Sally.

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Tim Added 10 months ago Report to admin
April 08, 2019 20190408145644

Just dump like a hit brick.


I have been a client of albin Co for 10 years plus.

When the solicitor who has dealt with my complex case retired, her and Chris albin closed my file and ignored any communication attempts by myself.

I have serious mental health issues and their cruel Ness has left me suicidle wanting to take my own life.

Chris albin has treated me cruelly since I took my complaint to him..

I know have to go thru a complaints procedure that could take my life and he sits there watching this all unfold and fies nothing to help resolve and keep me safe.

I asked for complaints procedure in the post as I am not good with computers.

They have left me feeling isolated and hated, just wrong.

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sue Added 2 years ago Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
June 27, 2017 20170627091803

Expert Professionalism


My partner recently stood trial for the offence of Common Assault at Chippenham Magistrates Court. Chris Albin was acting as Court Appointed Advocate to deal with the cross examination of the complainant. Before the case was heard Chris was most helpful in updating us with any information pertaining to the case and was very reassuring. We cannot thank him enough for his support and professional advice given to us at a very stressful time. He handled the case in an excellent manner and we would recommend him to anyone who needs an expert solicitor. Thank you Chris. Sue Harvey

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