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Andrew Added 4 weeks ago Report to admin
June 24, 2019 20190624144908

Terrible, dont bother!.


I used this companies criminal law department and they were very poor. They didn't reply to phone calls or emails and had to be threatened with none payment of their bill and complaints to law board in order to get a response. They also find it extremely difficult to follow client instructions. I used the head of this department and his presentation in court was extremely poor and unconvincing, lots of "errr errr errr err's". It was almost embarrassing to listen to. More disturbing than this is that they failed to notice a piece of material evidence was "missing" from the evidence file before trial!!!....which at a later date, when provided, resulted in the charge being dropped!!!....At one point i was told by them "having a criminal record won't effect my employment opportunities"....Yeah right!!! NOT... Additionally their admin was poor. They claimed I had received documents which I had not, upon requesting copies, they were clearly not signed by me and their application for legal aid was so poor I gave up - after over a year!!!!, if not more..I would seriously not recommend these people to anyone

Solicitor being reviewed: Simon Edward Walker

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