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Anthony Added 2 years ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin This review is for a different branch.
August 02, 2017 20170802164134

Very unprofessional company


I went to this firm and spoke to the receptionist on the possibility of taking a claim on for me against the police. The receptionist took my telephone number and they said one of the solicitors would telephone within 24 hours to find out what the issue was and if they could help. No telephone call arrived so I phoned them up to be told there is no way to ever speak to the solicitors and to just wait and they will ring me. And they definitely will ring and if I don't answer the phone they will keep trying over and over till they do get through. I was told they will definitely ring now within in 48hrs. Still waited for the call and none arrived. So phoned and asked to complain to a manager about this crazy setup. The call hander hung up on me. So after waiting a week I phoned back up the Byker office to enquire and the receptionist was then very abusive saying the solicitor has decided they will not be taking on my case. I asked them why as they don't even know what my case is about, that is what I was waiting for the telephone call to tell them what the case is about. I told them if their case load was full why even take my number in the first place and have me sitting waiting for calls for two days that will never arrive. The person then got aggressive and disconnected the call. I have to say avoid this company like the plague until they sort their act out. As this is not on.

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