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Thomas Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
May 19, 2019 20190519092432

1st Class Service and Value for Money


The first time I spoke with Mark, I was eased by his reassuring answers and knowledge. The benefit agencies made me feel I was expecting something I wasn’t entitled to and their tone made me question my morals. I appreciate their reasoning for cut backs and interview process. However, for somebody with head injuries as severe as my own, dealing with the hurdles their service has fixed are far too daunting. I really cannot stress how much Mark has made me feel at ease and helped me every step of the way, baring with my lack of knowledge and confidence in reaching success.

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Mr Graves
Mr Graves Added 4 months ago Report to admin
May 06, 2019 20190506122811

The best Personal Injury Trust legal expertise


I recently won a 5 year legal case which resulted with my previous solicitor posting me a cheque for the amount and a photocopied letter telling me that if I was on Universal Credit I would need to put the money into a Personal Injury Trust or I would lose any benefits I was receiving.
They knew I had been unable to do my job any more because of serious mobility issues and that I was surviving on UC, PIP and other benefits but never felt to inform me about the Trust until after my claim was settled (and when they could charge me for any advice I would need - which turned out to be a lot).

I went straight to google and it became clear after looking at a few sites that I would need a solicitor for this. After spending an afternoon on the web it was clear that The Mark Thompson Law site had the most useful information around including articles and layman info I could understand.
I decided to give Mark a call and found him to be pleasant, helpful and very knowledgeable on the subject. The decision to hire him was very easy!

Mark answered further questions and concerns I had via email and provided me with all the documentation I would need via email and also information to take along to the bank to help them open the account correctly. Marks service didn’t stop there though, he even contacted the DWP and my local Council to inform them that I had won compensation and that the money had been put into the trust.

The whole process was actually easy with Marks help and I would recommend him to anyone without question!

Solicitor being reviewed: Mark Anthony Thompson

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Paul Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
April 26, 2019 20190426152305

Personal injury trust


In 2014 I had the misadventure to have an articulated lorry smash into the rear of my vehicle,over a period of 3 years I tried to keep my employment but was dismissed through ill health,now with the claim not settled until 2018 and being unemployed since 2016 I was forced to claim state benefits ( the first time in my working career) I was told that the system had changed since 2014 and that any settlement awarded to me would mean I would loose my entitlement and that the only way to protect my award would be a personal accident trust.

Haveing lost faith in my “soliciter” I carried out my own repurchase and happened by chance to stumble onto Mark Thompson law and the article he had written on this subject it was short sweet and to the point,and I contacted him for his assistance.

After he had gathered his information ( to see if I needed such a trust) it was shown that I would indead loose what little I had commeing in and at the age of 64 had two years to wait for my state pension.there are few banks that deal with this type of account but I found Barclay bank would undertake this.mark supplied the relaxant paperwork for the bank to process and also notified the relevant benefit agency’s on my behalf stateing that I had received my compensation and that it was in a trust so is now exempt from being classed as money in saveings.his cost for this saved me three fold in stress and worry as to am I breaking the law.
Take my advise and look very seriously about setting this up if you are to receive a payment for injury sustained’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind....thank you mark for your help in this matter.

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Christine Added 5 months ago Report to admin
April 10, 2019 20190410090446

An Excellent Service


Mark offers an excellent service with a very reasonable price tag. I do not know how I found Mark and until I did I was unaware that such a thing as a Bare Trust even existed. From the outset I was impressed by Mark and his advice was invaluable, without which I would have been quite lost. All the documents he sent were very straightforward and were accompanied by simple instructions on how to move forward. I opened the trust with NatWest and the lady who handled my case even remarked that Mark's documents were the most jargon free and straightforward she had ever dealt with. After the trust was set up I was contacted by the DWP and my local council regarding the money, it seems that they too were unaware of such a thing as this type of trust. I happily directed them to Mark's website so they could better inform themselves. I would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation contacting Mark.

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Amjed Added 6 months ago Report to admin
March 15, 2019 20190315105425

Great Service


Mark was very helpful and professional, making the service very simple and straightforward to follow and set up.

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Nisha Added 9 months ago Report to admin
November 29, 2018 20181129000119



I cannot express in words how excellent Mark was at assisting me with the setting up of a PI Trust. His approach was professional yet personal and I am so grateful for his ability to be consistent and comprehensive throughout the whole process. Mark really went above and beyond to provide me with a wealth of additional information needed to make decisions about the trust and trustees too. I felt the fees were very reasonable and I would not hesitate to recommend Mark to anyone in need of his services.

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Phil Added 10 months ago Report to admin
November 05, 2018 20181105204558

Mark Thompson excellent


I can’t remember how Mark Thompson was recommended to us but he has helped immensely. In the first instance it was in setting up a trust fund for one of my daughters. The second time was similar in a much more complicated case involving criminal injuries compensation and universal credits.
He was accurate, helpful, informative and communication was always prompt.

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