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Jim Added 7 months ago Report to admin
December 06, 2018 20181206194118

Excellent personal service


Following a recommendation I used Gaby Hardwick for the conveyancing on a recent purchase, I was very impressed with their speed of response and the level and quality of communication. I will undoubtedly use them for future services and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking a quality legal firm.

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Christine Added 8 months ago Report to admin
November 25, 2018 20181125161633

Dependable long established company


I have been a client of Gaby Hardwicke for over 25 years requiring their expertise for numerous different types of legal services. Gaby Hardwicke have always provided an excellent service, on this occasion from Andrew Tress based at the Hailsham office. Andrew has always been available to speak to on the telephone, he answers emails very quickly and has kept me informed throughout. I would recommend his services without hesitation.

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Martin Added 9 months ago Report to admin
October 04, 2018 20181004104504

Great firm!


My company and I have used Gaby Hardwicke for the last 15 years for commercial and domestic law. I've worked with numerous solicitors across several departments and have always had a fast, reliable stellar service from all. I recommend their services to others on almost a monthly basis and will continue to use them for all of my legal requirements

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Conor Added 10 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
September 18, 2018 20180918101944

Professional, courteous and oustanding service


Gaby Hardwicke were recommended to me by a friend when I needed legal representation in an employment dispute. Paul Maynard provided an excellent service throughout the litigation and I would highly recommend him. He was professional, diligent and available throughout the whole process. I would recommend his services in a heart beat.

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Graham Added 11 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
August 12, 2018 20180812125942

Peace of Mind and excellent service


We have used the services of Antony Caulfield for over 10 years now in relation to our wills and powers of attorney.

Antony and his secretary are both approachable and professional at the same time and always explain things clearly and allow us the chance to ask questions and consider our options.

As the years have progressed we have become less mobile but that is no issue as Antony simply visits us at home now.

We live in a small close and have recommended Antony to many of our neighbours and I know that they are all equally happy with his service.

We also made use of Iona Smith when my husband experienced issues following an operation and she successfully obtained an apology for us as well as a nice financial settlement.

I could not praise the firm any higher. They are first class.

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Amy Added 11 months ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
August 10, 2018 20180810225904

Highly recommended


Having first used Gaby Hardwicke solicitors two years ago for the purchase of my first property, I felt confident in returning to them for the purchase of my new property this spring. Thankfully, my experience was just as positive this time thanks to the professional and slick service the firm (particularly Jonathan Midgley) provided. Communication was regular and clear and I received information booklets which guided me through the whole process of sale and purchase. The team I dealt with throughout my entire experience (from initial enquiries right through to completion) were always polite and extremely helpful, showing real patience when explaining technical jargon and retaining a human touch. I would highly recommend Gaby Hardwicke to anyone seeking local legal services.

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Pam Added 12 months ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
July 25, 2018 20180725192852

Changing homes


We are writing to express our sincere thanks to Chris Moye and his team at Gaby Hardwick. Everything was done speedily, efficiently and professionally enabling us to sell our house and buy another in record time. We have moved house several times in the past and this time was the best ever. They dealt with complications which seemed to be road blockers without any problem. We were kept informed the whole time ensuring that we had no sleepless nights. Well done to the whole team, thank you very much.

Pam and Frank Carstairs

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Leonida Added 1 year ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
July 16, 2018 20180716203931

Successful Business Sale


Mark [Williams] assisted me and my family in the selling of a Private Limited Company including the release of myself as a Sole Director.

I felt that Mark really took the time to explain the process to me completely, and on more than one occasion went beyond expectations in regard to this.

Overall I can say that Mark was patient, professional and very reliable.

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Rayne Added 1 year ago 19 found this helpful Report to admin
January 09, 2018 20180109191114

Incompetent, dishonest and unethical


The supposed copyright expert doesn't seem to understand the difference between 'all rights' and 'license to use'. That's the equivalent of a dentist not knowing the difference between baby teeth and wisdom teeth, or a farmer not knowing the difference between a bull and an ox. ==

The resulting 'advice', for which I was charged an enormous hourly rate, was utterly useless. ==

In addition, this company is very bad at communicating -- at one stage I had to take to Twitter to even get a reply -- and makes clients jump through endless hoops before actually starting to work. ==

Weeks were wasted before the solicitor even looked at my case, and months before I received the 'advice' that revealed the incompetence. By this time, the window of opportunity was gone, and my originally excellent chances of getting justice were ruined. ==

I see that three other people have reviewed Gaby Hardwick Solicitors -- and all three have also given it bottom rating. ==

I wish I had seen those reviews before I hired this solicitor. Now all I can do is add another 1* review. ==

If you read this... please take our warnings seriously. ==

Disclaimer: This is a review which expresses my honest opinion and personal impressions based on my individual experience.



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Robert Added 2 years ago 19 found this helpful Report to admin
July 12, 2017 20170712203605



This shower are currently doing the conveyancing for my parents house sale.
Always unavailable on the phone.
They do not respond to either letters or E-mails from other solicitors or their clients and then when my parents estate agent finally manages to contact them they then deny receiving any letters or E-mails.
So far my parents haven't even managed to talk to theIr solicitor, Mr Nidgley, despite the fact he has been "handling" their sale and purchase for 2 months.


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