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7 Customer Reviews


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John Added 1 month ago Report to admin
July 01, 2019 20190701135649

House sale and purchase


Absolutely first class service from conveyancing direct, staff so competent and friendly , costs much less than most solicitors

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Khalid Added 3 months ago Report to admin
May 08, 2019 20190508152031

Best Conveyancing law firm in Scotland


Have dealt with conveyancing direct for a number of years on and off. Always found them efficient and fast. Went back to them last month for a new property transaction. Made clear from the beginning that I don't want things to drag on. Had been messed around by a number of other firms pretending to offer cheap deals when infact its not the case at the time of settlement !

I work in Singapore and needed someone I could rely on.
Conveyancing Direct were excellent, correspondence everyday, great legal advice and kept to their word.

impressed with Caroline Rebecca and finally Nicola the people who handled it .

Give these guys a 10 star Rating
Don't waste your Time guys with other firms offering cheap inefficient deals

Regards. Captain Of the sky!

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Luiza Added 6 months ago Report to admin
January 31, 2019 20190131193857

Great service!!


High recommended, they did a great job when I moved into a new build property and encountered lots of issues during the process. Can’t thank them enough!

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Kate Added 6 months ago Report to admin
January 25, 2019 20190125111458



I had very good experience with Conveyancing Direct, Glasgow.
They have always provided a high quality of service by being very professional, efficient and friendly. They were excellent in terms of communication, advice and administration. Thoroughly recommend.

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Michele Added 1 year ago Report to admin
April 06, 2018 20180406175411

Good value


This is the second time I've used conveyancing direct to buy property, excellent price, my only fault is no one hardly ever answers the phone which when you need them in a hurry isn't good, however I've noticed they're very quick answering emails and such a great affordable price, rate them very good

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Paul Added 2 years ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 08, 2017 20170208231332

Would not hesitate to use again!


At about half the price of high street solicitors, I thought "too good to be true", but boy was I wrong!
Efficient and professional service.
Didn't always get an answer on phone, but voicemails were replied to within the hour.
Most communication was via email (which I prefer!), often responded to in minutes, usually within the hour and ALWAYS within 24 hours.
Our purchase was delayed by our lender dragging their heels, but Conveyancing direct were ready and waiting to complete and kept our seller updated throughout.
If you want to have coffe with someone in a swanky office and have your hand held through the process, pay twice as much on the high street. If you want efficient, low cost Conveyancing, use these guys!

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veronica Added 3 years ago 2 found this helpful Report to admin
December 02, 2015 20151202202847

I wish I'd never used them.


Difficult to contact.
They ignore complaints
Tried to change fee
Very poor service- did not feel they were working for us

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