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Egemen Added 2 weeks ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
March 29, 2021 20210329105539

Terrible, stay clear


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Stay clear at any cost. Extremely unprofessional, not responsive service. I would say it was one of the worst experiences I ever had as a client from a company. From start to end, the whole process was shambolic and we were kept in the dark with no updates and no communication whatsoever. Zoe Sayers was assigned as our fee earner "eventually after number of changes" and I would not wish my worst enemy to deal with her. She is extremely unprofessional, never answers any emails, never answers any calls and everything is a last minute thing with her.
When you are making one of biggest purchase of your life you would ask some re-assurance from the firms you work with and we get none of that with Swift Lawyers and Zoe Sayers.
Even our complaint to CEO of the company Nizam Ahmed and number of senior officials was not responded.
Number of delays throughout the process, extremely poor communication, frustration and after almost 5 whole months we have finalised the purchase of our new home.
I would never deal with Swift Lawyers and Zoe Sayers again at any cost.

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Sarah Added 3 weeks ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
March 26, 2021 20210326193459

Anything but Swift


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

So far this sale has taken six months, I’ve been close to losing my buyer twice and I’m still no nearer the end. This week I was informed by email our fee earner is leaving so will no longer work our file. New fee earner, rudely informed she’s working on completions this week, next week on other types of cases and will get to us, I have no idea when. Called to advise we only require one email to purchasers solicitors then we can exchange; voicemail only, no callback. Called Swift to speak to manager, explained issues with man in office, put on hold for 16 mins until I got cut off. Please do not use this company if you want to complete a purchase or sale with your sanity intact!!

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Andreas Added 3 weeks ago 3 found this helpful Report to admin
March 22, 2021 20210322164957



Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

In my experience, Very poor communication, blasé about your timeline and needs.

No sense of urgency, very stressful dealing with this firm.

They've taken far too long.

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Matthew Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 29, 2021 20210129105400

Good value and Good Service for Transfer of Equity


Matter Type: Transfers of equity

We came through to Swift Lawyers through Home Direct for a transfer of equity on our house. From the start they were very easy to get hold of on the phone and by email. The correspondence initially wasn't the most professional I've ever seen, and I feel their documents could probably be formatted in a better manner to improve user experience, but they always quickly responded when we had queries.
Wednesday Jones was assigned as our Case Handler, and she was very friendly and always very responsive to emails and phone calls. Once the ball started getting rolling, the process went quite quickly.
The value was very good, and the service was better then expected. I've given four stars as there could be some improvements, but overall I'd be happy to use them again.

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Anthony Added 3 months ago 4 found this helpful Report to admin
January 13, 2021 20210113172312



Very unreliable company, I paid a deposit then was told they will deal with my case straight away and keep in touch with progress reports. Every time we had a phone conversation, the call was initiated by me, meaning I was the one who had to call them. When they wanted confirmation of my address they had me down as some one completely different...not my name, not my address. I just put this down as a simple misunderstanding but then it got worse as my case was passed on to another member of staff in the office which meant, for some reason, I had to explain it all over again. In the end my case went through about 4 different people. By this time I was very frustrated with them and decided to go with another company ''Thompson Budd'' who were like a breath of fresh air and I kicked myself for not choosing this company first as there was only about £50 difference in their fees.
Maybe you can design a star on your site for ''negative'' rather than giving them a star at all?

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Dragos Added 5 months ago 11 found this helpful Report to admin
November 17, 2020 20201117164521

Abysmal service


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Had to pull out and disinstruct them as they were a bottleneck during the purchase. The inability to receive and confirm receipt of the draft contract was pure insanity. In 3 weeks since the estate agent sent a simple document they weren't able to move forward with our file because they ''''didn't receive it''''' even though it was sent over on 3 separate occasions.

Can't communicate with them: no email responses or callbacks when requested.

It is clear that this is a company of grifters that undercut their competitors, only to then not do any kind of work whatsoever. AVOID AT ANY COST!!!

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Megan Added 5 months ago 6 found this helpful Report to admin
October 27, 2020 20201027161351

Truly awful experience!


Truly awful!! I would give no stars if I could. Terrible communication and a straight forward purchase that should have taken 4-6 weeks (as stated as standard on their website), took 4 months! There was no chain and the property we were purchasing was vacant.
They didn't not respond to calls or emails and it got to the point where we were calling every day to chase as we were kept in the dark and they would not make any progress for weeks or contact the sellers as they said they would. We were given the impression that they were totally incompetent, and even the 'supervisor' to our case did nothing to help. It made the whole process an absolute nightmare. Save yourself the time and frustration and use someone else.

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HALIMA Added 5 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
October 26, 2020 20201026113904

very practical and clear advise given throughout my transaction


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Used Swift Lawyers conveyancing services to purchase my first house, very practical and clear advise given throughout my transaction and my purchase completion got dealt with in very little time. very happy and proud with the service provided. good value for money and highly recommended services.

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Jessica Added 6 months ago Report to admin
September 26, 2020 20200926135712

A big thank you to Swift lawyers,


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

A big thank you to Swift lawyers, When asked to leave a review I promised my handler Noel Davies. superb individual highly proactive and everything ran in order. few issues with my lender however we managed to get them sorted. id like to express my gratitude toward swift lawyers for putting up with me and getting the job done. if I am buying or selling a house again I will definitely use swift again.

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Jerome Added 10 months ago Report to admin
June 18, 2020 20200618160931

Good Service


Matter Type: Residential Conveyancing

Outstanding first class service. My property sale went through very smoothly and efficiently.

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