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16 Client Reviews


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Bilal Added 3 days ago Report to admin
April 15, 2021 20210415144505

Highly recommended 👌


Matter Type: Applications to extend leave to remain or for settlement

Iwas so emotionally overwhelmed about my case but Mr. Waseem was the hope and gift from Almighty for me. He is very professional,kind and knows the right direction for it case.
With his hope and right direction we won the case and now I have status.
May bless u Mr. Waseem

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Bilal Added 3 days ago Report to admin
April 15, 2021 20210415143132

Spouse visa case


I was so emotionally overwhelm about my case Mr. WASEEM is a hope and gift for me from Almighty. He give me hope and right direction with his clear vision and we won the case and I got my status at first go.
I cannot thank u enough for ur support through out the process
bless u

Solicitor named in this review: Waseem Shaukat

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shahid Added 3 weeks ago Report to admin
March 26, 2021 20210326123329

The Best Out There


Matter Type: Partner and family visas

Extremely happy with the service provided by Aws Solicitors, Very professional and great knowledge in immigration matters, I was referred to them through one of my friends which had already dealt with them. Glad I went to them for my spouse visa.
I was treated with great respect and was given the right information as what is required by home office in relation with visa.
Best of all I was impressed with the time given to me in explaining the whole process and there was no rush involved in as I was clearly told rushing this matter could result in refusal of visa.
Hence I followed the instructions given by Mr Waseem shaukat who was dealing with my case and submitted my documents through them in November 2020 and received my spouse visa in feb 2021 without any problem at all.
I would recommend Aws Solicitors to anyone who is looking for any kind of visa related matters.
Very professionals, Great atmosphere and value for money. 5 Stars

Solicitor named in this review: Waseem Shaukat

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Qadeer Added 1 month ago Report to admin
March 06, 2021 20210306113738

bushra farid


Perhaps the thing that impressed me alot about "Waseem shaukat" was nothing was "sugar coated". He was very straight forward and explain me what to expect each stage of the case. There were no empty promises made just to keep the client happy. im really satisfied. thank you so much

Solicitor named in this review: Waseem Shaukat

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Ayman Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 26, 2021 20210226011551



AWS solicitors is a very professional law firm, The best law firm I have ever dealt with. Professional, Polite, and very helpful. They Guide you through every single step of the whole process and they give you the best advice. They look after their client very well as if they are dealing with their own personal case. Mr Shaukat was my case handler, Hats off to him for the support he has provided me throughout the whole Visa process which is never an easy task to handle. I highly recommend AWS solicitors, very honest and professional people.

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Qadeer Added 1 month ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 25, 2021 20210225133316

Mr Q jalil


Matter Type: Illegal Workers and Civil Penalties

Aws solicitors, what shell I write for them,
just amazing,professional and responsible people.
Your imigration matter will be dealt with great care.
Mr waseen shaukat of Aws sol. is so committed lawyer that even 12 at night he will be there for you.
Thank you soo much for your help sir.
Allah g bless you all.

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Arbab Added 2 months ago Report to admin
February 08, 2021 20210208141211

About Student Visa


I really recommended and appreciated the AWS solicitors Lts. beacuse I lost my hope after getting refusal two times. But, after my second refusal Sir Waseem handle my Case and he wrote my appeal and fought for my case. And finally I got my Visa and Now I continue my studies in UK. They are Professional Solicitors & guide very well.

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Inam Ul
Inam Ul Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 26, 2021 20210126205029

Top Immigration Solicitors


I am their client for last 7 years and they prepared and applied successfully not only my immigration applications but for my family members as well. These included Visit , Spouse , Settlement and Naturalisation applications. Same success journey continued for all my friends i referred to AWS Solicitors. These included EU pre settlement and settlement applications.

All of their staff is professional and outstanding in dealing while Waseem and Atif are simply brilliant. Your case will be discussed in details to understand first. These guys will prepare your case in a way to cover all possible aspects. I would call them perfectionists. I highly recommend them.

Once again it has been an absolute pleasure and breeze dealing with you all.

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keshav Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 25, 2021 20210125002613

Thank you


We are very pleased and honoured to write this review and to say thank you to AWS team. Once again their professionalism and right guidance especially Waseem and Atif, made this possible for us to be together again. A very big THANK YOU. “Brilliant” to sum up in one word.

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Waheed Added 2 months ago Report to admin
January 24, 2021 20210124221219

AWS soliciter super


Very good service I gave accident case he handal with honesty professional I believe 100%

Solicitor named in this review: Babar Akram

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