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Munir Added 2 days ago Report to admin
May 12, 2021 20210512132156

Helpful, Diligent and Attentive. Highly recommend


I needed some assistance when falsely accused of a crime. Adel was the duty solicitor and proved to be efficient, empathetic and reassuring. I've dealt with several solicitors in the past and I find the majority lack the aforementioned qualities attributed to Adel and also have a habit of making you feel they are doing you a favour. If you require a defence representation you should definitely consider this firm as they are head and shoulders above their peers.

Solicitor named in this review: Adel Elizabeth Buckingham

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Nikole Added 5 months ago Report to admin
December 09, 2020 20201209122721

Best in the game!


If you're looking for highly professional criminal firm who provide an exceptional first class service from start to finish, then Kingsbury Ellis is the one! They never once failed to show genuine care and compassion and provide efficient and methodical support throughout the entire process. Their dedication is second to none and I will continue to recommend Matt and his team to all that require criminal defense assistance!

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Donna Added 6 months ago Report to admin
November 09, 2020 20201109185004

My case


This firm is the best. They were very effective. Thank you, Kingsbury Ellis.

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Louis Added 6 months ago Report to admin
October 21, 2020 20201021115258

Fantastic firm!


So happy that I picked this firm for my case, Matt was brilliant and highly recommend him. f
From day one it was obvious that the firm genuinely cares. The support the whole way through was second to none.

Solicitor named in this review: Matheos Lefteris

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Lisa Added 6 months ago Report to admin
October 21, 2020 20201021094532



Adel is absolutely lovely. She handled my case efficiently and professionally. She was also very reassuring and friendly. She had my back through the whole process. I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you Adel your a star.

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Laura Added 7 months ago Report to admin
October 09, 2020 20201009114117

Great person


Fantastic proffessional i recommend her as a solicitor she was lovely they were very friendly and very helpful thanks so much Kingsbury and Ellis co

Solicitor named in this review: Adel Elizabeth Buckingham

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Ibrahim Added 7 months ago Report to admin
October 09, 2020 20201009114057

Amazing Work


Matter Type: Legal aid

Absolutely fantastic company good at what they do and are very professional in every aspect of helping you out.

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Bouchra Added 1 year ago Report to admin
March 05, 2020 20200305185246

Best service ive used!


This solicitor was amazing at handling my situation. They have such nice and thoughtful staff and they improve the situations view. She had very high class experience and handled the situation very well; she believed and defended me which makes up a very powerful solicitor. I recommend Kingsbury Ellis highly and thank for their service

Solicitor named in this review: Adel Elizabeth Buckingham

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Inthushan Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
February 20, 2020 20200220112504

Life Savers !


I never thought i could fully trust solicitors and honestly tell them everything for them to have a full idea of the case until i met Adel and Matt. Adel knew how to design the defence case and Matt knew exactly how and what to deliver at my trial. Matt Lefteris was a professional with excellent intelligence! It was actually a life changing moment for someone that had been charged with violent disorder and been on tag even during the trial until i Won the case. They were so friendly and caring, it just felt like i was talking to my long time close friends everytime we talked about the case. Much love and respect for Adel and Matt from deep down. Adel Buckingham was an amazing solicitor, well more than a solicitor, she was an amazing person i have come across in my life. I felt like she was family, she would email me everytime theres an update about the case and sometimes i dont check my email but she would call me to make sure i know whats going on. Thank you so much guys!! For being there and helping me get my freedom back. And i can't forget to thanks Sarah for helping me get out on bail with the help of Matt. Thank you so much for everything.

Solicitor named in this review: Adel Elizabeth Buckingham

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marcin Added 1 year ago Report to admin
January 13, 2020 20200113232945

Professional with a personal touch


Matter Type: Theft

Having been faces with theft criminal charges I was as traumatized and fearful as one shall be. My case was presented in court by Susan King , which I met on the morning in magistrate court before the hearing , when I was briefed and informed of the proceedings ahead and likely outcomes to follow. Alll the above areas of dealing with Sarah I have found most professional. All procedures were explained with patience and understanding and the processes actioned expediently with excellent communications advising me of progress and what actions I was required to perform to assist the processes.Clearly the nature of my case has been sensitive and at times emotive. At all times Sarah have demonstrated appropriate sensitivity and empathy. I would gladly recommend Sarah based on her confident and professional approach supported with knowledge and positive attitude. But in addition I was pleasantly surpriesed by her warmth and personal touch in reassurance of staying positive and strong headed. What is unique about Sarah King is the fact that she exceeded my expectations of stereotypical picture of solicitor by combining proffesional and knowledgable representation of my case with natural emphysema and warmth of personality which I found exceptional and rewarding. For which I would like to express my gratitude and thank you trully.
Martin J

Solicitor named in this review: Sarah Marie King

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