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Dave Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 14, 2020 20200214090756

Fantastic service, professional and courteous!


I have been so grateful to the support and service received from Sjs Solicitors.
The front of house team provide an excellent, professional and courteous service. They are always polite and efficient and are always happy to help. When I have visited the office the front of house team are always professional and make me feel very welcome.
A wonderful team a Sjs Solicitors.

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Deborah Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 14, 2020 20200214085533

Excellent Client Care


I have instructed Mrs Sukul of SJS solicitors for a number of years in respect of matrimonial proceedings, financial remedy assistance, very acrimonious child contact arrangements and extremely distressing employment issues. These matters were ongoing contemporaneously and was an extremely stressful time for me personally and professionally.
When I had reason to call the office my experience of the staff who answered my call was that they were empathetic, knowledgeable about whichever matter I was calling regarding, efficient, professional and helpful.
Mrs Sukul always responded promptly to my queries and actioned the same with skill and expertise.
I have no hesitation in recommending SJS Solicitors for the excellent client care, outstanding attention to detail and the superb skills of Mrs Sukul. The fact that their costs are exceptionally reasonable in the field is a credit to the legal profession and the standard of service that they provide.

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Lianne Added 1 month ago Report to admin
February 12, 2020 20200212151621

Receptionist was very short and rude


I just called up to request some advice during my difficult situation and the receptionist was incredibly short and rude. Based on this I do not recommend using their services based on the culture of the business I've just experienced. A lot of people calling up family solicitors are going through a lot of personal issues and to be spoken to this way has left me speechless. I've never been spoken to like this before. If like me you need an empathic ear with experience do not use these people there are plenty others - you just need to find them. Infact I've just found one and would rather pay x2 more to receive the level of humanity everyone deserves.

In my experience with dealing with immigration lawyers for my entire career, solicitors should provide 30-60 mins free conversation to see if it is in fact the right person you need to speak to. You may need to speak to another solicitor with different experience depending on the complexity of the matter. Usually you tend to follow through with the service afterwards (if indeed you're talking to the right person).

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BENSON Added 2 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
January 17, 2020 20200117224314



After much frustration and delay experience from a solicitor for over five years on my immigration matters, meeting SJS Solicitors was just like a joke in day-dream. Savita Sukul was so honest and simple, straight forward in every approach of her dealings and encouraging. Sukul built in me boldness of thought and human understanding. Savita Sukul took my case like never before and gave me list of every information and documents required by the home office as well as things I needed to know about my case, I did without hesitation. In less than six weeks had SJS submitting my application; I received an emotional phone call from Savita Sukul that I have been granted leave to remain in UK. I think Savita Sukul is angel in her profession and a shining light in restoring my thoughts lost hope in life to building a better tomorrow.

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Sofie Added 3 months ago Report to admin
December 13, 2019 20191213175234

Fantastic service!


Having recently been through the very difficult task of having to sell my home of 25 years back to Lambeth Council due to regeneration, I cannot recommend Mrs Sukul and her team highly enough.
Very efficient, respectful, patient, knowledgable, and understanding. They do what they say they are going to do, and do it well.
Their integrity, has restored my faith in that there are good solicitors out there to be found....look no further!

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Sue Added 4 months ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
November 07, 2019 20191107141549

Professional & Great service received.


I am very happy with SJS Solicitors' service and highly recommend Mrs Sukul.

I have been with other solicitors before, whereby everything was delayed and sometimes the truth was not always present. I was sceptical when taking on Mrs Sukul due to past experience with other solicitors, but i do not regret taking on this decision.

From the onset, she gave me the right information, made everything simpler for me to understand. She guided me thoroughly through the whole process for my matter, and was in constant contact by email, letters and even by phone.
At times i would feel there were documents that seemed so far fetched for me to get for my matter, but Mrs Sukul reassured me and gave me the confidence to proceed through. Mrs Sukul would always double check my documents, and make sure everything is in place.

Personally, throughout my matter, it did not seem Mrs Sukul just takes this as a job to get money, but does it with such integrity and with the end aim of making sure my matter is successful, which it was! I could not believe i would received my British Citizenship and in such a short space a time!

I highly recommend Mrs Sukul and her team. I am ever so grateful to Niresha also who has always helped me when i needed guidance & always welcoming.

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Phyllis Added 6 months ago Report to admin
September 26, 2019 20190926073106

Very happy client


I am in my 80s and I find Sjs Solicitors very caring and friendly. Always there on the end of the phone to help me.
The first person I want to call if I have a concern is Ms Sukul. Her staff are always ready to help me, they are friendly and helpful. They treat me with respect. I feel confident going into the office and I am always greeted with a smile. They open doors for me and help me to a seat. And they have sweets.

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Nicolette Added 6 months ago Report to admin
September 25, 2019 20190925184841

A very trustworthy , professional service


An extremely efficient and professional service. My elderly mother was treated with the upmost care and respect by Sjs Solicitors. Any worries my mother had was dealt with and explained clearly to her and she was given options on how best to deal with her situation.
When my mother was upset the first person she wanted to call was Ms Sukul.
All costs and procedures were given up front. The speed in which situations are dealt with are second to none. Very friendly and professional staff.
I highly recommend Sjs Solicitors.

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Elena Added 8 months ago Report to admin
July 31, 2019 20190731113735

Finally a firm which does wills the proper way!


It was great to receive indications of the tax implications of my choices and be given options on how best to put my affairs in order. I felt never forced to take one path rather than another, but I was well informed of any choice in front of me. Every question or doubt I had was answered and resolved very clearly and throughly. I highly recommend SJS solicitors. It was great to just walk-in and be treated like a long standing client. I was impressed with the attention to details, preciseness and speed of turnaround.

Solicitor named in this review: Savita Sukul

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Grace Added 1 year ago 1 found this helpful Report to admin
March 08, 2019 20190308134117

Very satisfied customer


I’m very happy having found this team that help me through my claims

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